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Tourist leaves people terrified after revealing spider house is the ‘worst thing she’s ever seen’ in Bali

Tourist leaves people terrified after revealing spider house is the ‘worst thing she’s ever seen’ in Bali

If you are scared of spiders, you should look away now.

A tourist shared a video of huge roadside spiders that would scare the toughest of Aussie’s – and we understand why.

Just a heads up, these pictures will make you feel really, really itchy.

British tourist Grace Kelly, 33, was travelling through Bali and spotted the terrifying ‘spider wall’ - which she bravely stopped to film - before posting to her TikTok afterwards.

Have a look here - if you are brave enough:

She shared that the ‘spider wall’ spanned about 20 meters long and looked more like a Halloween decoration, as they spanned through trees and power lines.

And to give us a sense of scale, Kelly, who goes by the handle @grace__adventures, also put her watch next to one of the spiders - in case you needed a visual as to how big they were.

“It was so dense I think it went back around five meters in some places,” she said.

Although she’s scared of spiders (like the majority of us), she asked the driver to stop as soon as she saw the unnerving sight to get a video for her TikTok platform.

I mean, it's not everyday you see a spider wall.


Speaking to, she described it as 'the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life'.

“I’m absolutely terrified of spiders but I think the awe took over and I knew I wanted to capture it as it was so out of this world." Kelly explained.

"Also, they were very still which made me less uneasy. I didn’t get too close.”

“All I could think about was how absolutely no amount of money in the world could get me to run through that,” she added.

Kelly has been sharing her travel experiences on TikTok for two years, but the unsettling post seems to strike a nerve with fellow arachnophobes.

One follower said: “I was worried about 'bali belly' and no Bali spiders are topping the list of nopes."

Another suggested: “Lighter and hairspray please.”

A third viewer said: ”Put it this way- one of these is enough to stop me going into my own bathroom, so yeah Bali is pretty much cancelled.”

While many other watchers said it had their ‘heart palpitating’.


The 'Spider Wall' spanned 20 meters, according to the TikToker.

The TikTok has now been viewed over a whopping 27 million times after just two days of being posted - which surprised Kelly.

She said: “But only a few minutes after posting I picked up my phone and it was on 10k views and I thought ‘oh here we go.”

However, Kelly wanted to clarify that she loves the Indonesian island and would hate for the video to ‘put anybody off’ visiting Bali.

“I’m reassuring others not to be put off by visiting Bali as they’re so unlikely to come across this due to its location." she said.

"It was such a cool experience to add to my trip.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @graces__adventures

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