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Couple who sold all their possessions to live on a cruise ship reveal how much their lives have changed
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Melody Thor Hennessee

Couple who sold all their possessions to live on a cruise ship reveal how much their lives have changed

John and Melody Hennessee have been speaking about how their lives have changed living on a cruise ship.

A couple who sold all of their possessions to live on a cruise ship full-time have revealed how much their lives have changed.

John and Melody Hennessee's whole lives used to be in Florida. They owned a house in the sunny state, a business, and used a motorhome to travel around in if they fancied a change of scenery.

After initially selling their home and their successful business, the couple saw an advert for a 274-day cruise with Royal Caribbean and they decided to take the plunge.

So, they sold their motorhome and began travelling on cruise ships.

"We no longer have a mortgage or the expense of homes. We no longer have vehicle insurance, property insurance, or utility bills. The list goes on," John previously told Sky News.

"[...] We now have a telephone bill, a ship bill, and a few credit card bills for when we go ashore, but that's it."

The couple are travelling across the world.
Facebook/Melody Thor Hennessee

So instead of sitting at home living the bog-standard life every single day, John and Melody have travelled to the likes of Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, and the South Pacific.

Travelling the world... what's not to love?

On top of that, the couple's exciting new life is apparently cheaper than their previous routine.

How living on a cruise ship in luxury is cheaper than living in a bog-standard house is beyond me, but the Hennessee's are for sure not complaining.

In the interview with Sky News, they say they're paying 'probably close to half' of what they used to pay 'on land'.

When the couple ditched the Florida home-based life, they could well and truly leave everything behind and sell all of their possessions as the cruise ship included everything they needed.

All they are really left with from their old lives are some credit card bills for extras, though that may not be particularly needed either when the couple hop aboard a residential cruise ship with Villa Vie after December 2024.

The couple will move to a different ship at the end of the year.
Facebook/ Melody Thor Hennessee

The 'all-inclusive cruise home' will likely offer more stability with a more permanent cruise lifestyle, but it doesn't come cheap, amid an ongoing cost of living crisis.

On the ship, an inside villa can be found costing $99,999 alongside a monthly fee of $3,499 for a double, or $2,499 for a single, according to Villa Vie's website.

But if you want an Oceanview Villa, that'll set you back a sizeable $149,999, with monthly fees of $4,999 or $3,999 on top.

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