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Woman with unfortunate initials is changing her name after HR refused to use it in emails
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/thesam_show

Woman with unfortunate initials is changing her name after HR refused to use it in emails

Sam is taking drastic measures to avoid the problem in the future

A woman who went viral thanks to her unfortunate initials has revealed she will be changing her name - and who can really blame her?

TikToker Samantha, who posts from the handle @thesam_show, revealed she was starting a new corporate job back in September last year, and there was one particular aspect of her new position she was dreading.

But while you might assume the 28-year-old was feeling anxious about her new responsibilities or getting to grips with a new environment, it was actually an administrative issue on her mind.

Sam explained that she was always faced with a difficult conversation when starting a new job because her name doesn't always fit into the company's email structure. At least, not in the way you'd want it to...

She explained in a TikTok: "My name is Samantha Hart and most companies use the email designation of first initial [followed by] last name meaning that my email would be ‘Shart.’

"I’ve had two professional jobs so far and every single workplace this has been the email company structure."

On both occasions, Sam revealed she'd had awkward emails from the previous companies explaining that her name didn't quite fit the structure, but she was yet to have the uncomfortable exchange with her new employer, who incidentally used the same email designation.

thesam_show's TikTok on the matter went viral.
TikTok/ @thesam_show

Luckily, a bunch of TikTok users in similar situations were quick to comment with their own unfortunate work emails and it's fair to say they make 'Shart' sound quite innocent.

A user called Chris Littmann commented: "Clittmann has entered the chat. Have been dealing with this since college," while another TikToker added: “My name is Sue Hartlove so my work emails are always ‘shartlove’."

“RKelley has entered the chat,” replied user, while Samantha Wallo wrote: "As Swallo I feel your pain."

Now, Sam has provided an interesting update on the whole initial-email debacle, and it seems she really has had enough.

Taking to the video sharing app, she revealed she would be changing her name as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Sam revealed all in a recent TikTok.
TikTok/ @thesam_show

"So yes I am changing my last name after I get married," she said. "I'm going to take my future husband's last name."

Sam continued: "So my thought with this new job is this will be the last time I ever have to do this.

"Like, I'll never have to send one of these emails again. What a lovely feeling to not have to do that again.

"So, yes, getting rid of the 'shart' is just one reason I'm changing my last name.

"But I'm also changing my last name because I want to have the same last name as my husband."

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