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Woman with unfortunate initials goes viral after HR refuses to use her name in emails
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thesam_show

Woman with unfortunate initials goes viral after HR refuses to use her name in emails

Samantha said she's had some 'uncomfortable' conversations in the past.

William Shakespeare famously asked the question ‘What’s in a name?’ and it seems as if one TikToker would claim quite a bit of hassle, actually.

Social media star @thesam_show, whose real name is Samantha Hart, updated her 45,500 followers last year on her career situation.

On September 23, she opened a TikTok video by announcing: “Well y’all it’s official. I have a new job which means that I will be transitioning from my current position to a new one within the next two weeks.

“In amidst all of this excitement that I feel about this transition and this move and this opportunity I am filled with dread over one aspect of moving to a different job.”

The user then revealed that she unfortunately ‘always’ faces the same ‘tough conversation’ upon joining a new company.

Sam said that these chats are regarding the fact that her name doesn’t always fit into the traditional ‘company email structure’.

“My name is Samantha Hart,” she explained. “Most companies use the email designation of first initial [followed by] last name.

“Meaning that my email would be ‘Shart’ and I’ve had two professional jobs so far and every single workplace this has been the email company structure.”

The creator then said that she’s received a couple of notices from Human Resources (HR) claiming that her full name doesn’t exactly fit into their email composition.

Samantha asked her followers for advice in her viral video.

“I don’t want an email that says ‘Shart’,” she laughed. “Fix it, give me something else.

“So now, as I transition to this new role, I did investigate the email structure at this new company.”

Samantha revealed that her new workplace also uses the same email rule and said she wasn’t looking forward to ‘another uncomfortable conversation’.

She concluded the one-minute 38-second clip by asking her followers whether she should be the one to reach out to HR this time.

“Do I just reach out off the back and say look - you’re not gonna want my email to be this?

The creator said that previous conversations with HR have been 'uncomfortable'.

“Or should I let them come to me? Should I let them initiate the conversation?”

Following Samantha’s viral rant, TikTok users have come out in their droves to reveal they’ve faced a similar situation at work.

One commenter, whose screen name is Chris.Littmann, wrote: “Clittmann has entered the chat. Have been dealing with this since college.”

Another commented: “My name is Sue Hartlove so my work emails are always ‘shartlove’.”

“RKelley has entered the chat,” replied a third viewer.

A fourth, whose screen name is Samantha Wallo wrote: “As Swallo I feel your pain.”

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