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Woman shares 'green flag' email she was sent by company after turning down job offer

Woman shares 'green flag' email she was sent by company after turning down job offer

She received the note after informing the company she’d accepted another job offer

A woman has shared a 'green flag' email from a HR department after she turned down the company's offer of employment.

When we're so used to hearing about redundancies and domineering bosses, it's nice to get a bit of good news about employers once in a while.

Stephanie, who goes by @essenceofstephanie on TikTok , uploaded a humble brag video to share the good news about a note she received from a HR department after turning down a job offer and telling them she'd accepted another job.

You can see her reaction to the ego-boosting email below:

Stephanie begins, speaking to the camera: “Okay this is actually the f**king best. This is the email that was sent to me from a company that I just told I wasn’t going to take their employment offer because I got a better one."

In the video, Stephanie then read out the company’s email behind her, in which the prospective employer says 'as discussed and agreed on the phone' before making a list of sweet and encouraging points.

Number one: they explained that they were 'very very sad' that she would not be joining the company.

As a second point they said they were 'happy' for her receiving a better offer than the one they had.

Number three: They want her to 'keep in touch' and let them know if 'things are not as you expected'.

Last, they joked about the Stephanie sending 'a clone' of herself to fill the role in her absence.

They then wished her 'all the best' in her future endeavours.

She laughs in disbelief, concluding: "“That’s the best. That is the f*cking best.”

Stephanie was pleasantly surprised to get such a positive email from a HR department.

The positive video has been viewed over 390K times and Stephanie quipped about the positive impact the refreshing email had on her mental wellbeing: “LOL my little ego be pumping iron today.”

It seems Stephanie isn't the only one liking this approach to recruitment, as the most-liked comment reads: "That would make me reconsider so fast," to which several replied to say they'd come to the comment section to say the same thing.

However one TikToker wasn't convinced saying: "Reconsidering based on a single recruiter's personality is wild. Doesn't mean your team will have the same energy."

Others suggested that all areas of employment should take note to make our work life more enjoyable: "Imagine us sweeping all the formal jargon and we just be our informal but respectful selves? Adulting would be so much more fun."

A third believed this is the future of recruitment: "My guess is this is a young millennial hiring manager giving millennial and gen Z energy."

While others were simply riding on Stephanie's high with one simply saying: "Go queeeen."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@essenceofstephanie

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