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Woman in disbelief after being asked to share bed with colleague on work trip
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @co.letter

Woman in disbelief after being asked to share bed with colleague on work trip

Sharing a room is one thing, but a bed is a big ask

A woman was left understandably in shock when her employer suggested that she share a bed with a colleague.

Sharing a room with someone your friends with at work is one thing, but a bed is a bit of a big ask...

TikToker Colette, who goes by @co.letter on the social media platform, detailed the ordeal in a video shared to her page recently.

Colette was off on a company trip to Paris, France, when she says she received an presumably company-wide email from her work's HR department.

It reportedly read: "You will notice in the survey that you have the option to share a room with a colleague, be advised that at present booking status, there is only one bed in the room."

Colette was in such disbelief that she read the email 'three times over'.

While it was mandatory to share a room or bed with someone else she works with, apparently it was the 'encouraged option'.

Colette was understandably shocked.

She said: "That was an option... Suggested, encouraged - HR was like typing that up, sending it, drinking their glass of wine."

"I didn't know that this was even possible in a corporate setting," Colette added.

Prior to her making her TikTok page private, some fellow TikTokers were quick to weigh in on the situation.

"This actually feels illegal," someone said, as another claimed it could lead to a lawsuit.

"Nope, not even with my work BFF. Never," said another.

Sharing their own similar experience, a different TikToker said: "I had a corp retreat. I had to share a room with a coworker and they expected we would share a bed. I wasn’t asked. I brought an air mattress."

Another person said: "I work for a Small startup. Our Senior Director of CS and our VP of Sales were basically forced to share a bed. They’re both over 50."


While Colette's situation is undeniably an odd one, at least she wasn't asked to return to work halfway through her annual leave.

Colette joked that the HR department may have drinking wine at the time of sending the email.

An anonymous worker submitted a text thread between them and their boss to TikToker Ben Askins, and the details of their conversation are pretty surreal.

“Hey I am sorry to do this so late, but there has been a mistake with the annual leave and I am going to have to cancel the second half of your annual leave this week,” the boss said in the text to the employee.

However, as many people do with their annual leave, the employee in question had jetted abroad.

Explaining that they were in Mexico, their boss wasn't bothered and insisted that there was 'nothing they could do'.

Can you imagine?

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