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Woman is told by passenger behind her that she can't recline her seat on 10-hour flight and sparks debate
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/tfutchh / japatino/Getty

Woman is told by passenger behind her that she can't recline her seat on 10-hour flight and sparks debate

Social media users were firmly split into two camps about whether the TikToker was right to try and recline her seat or not.

A TikToker has really divided folks after detailing an incident that happened to her during a long-haul flight.

Travelling on a long flight can be a pain. It’s hard to get comfortable, the flight can be packed, and it does just make you wish you had a private jet at your call like Taylor Swift.

However, social media users have been divided on what constitutes proper etiquette on a plane.

In a TikTok video that has gone viral with over two million views in three days, solo traveler Taylor, known as @tfutchh, has put a thorny question to her followers.

While recording on the plane, she asked what should she do after the people sat behind her on a flight said she can’t recline her seat for her 10-hour flight.

Yep, that again. Reclining seats have resulted in full-on screaming matches on some flights, with a lawyer even weighing in on if you have the right to recline.

Social media users have been divided on what constitutes polite etiquette on a plane.

Fans were in two camps: those saying she is more than justified in her decision to recline her seat, and others who argued the mere suggestion was rude.

“I ABSOLUTELY love how y'all are making it very loud and clear that y'all don’t care if you’re smashing other people's knees as long as you’re comfy,” one user wrote.

“If u want to recline, pay extra for the seats w extra leg room, it’s so rude to the person behind u when ppl recline in regular seats,” another added.

“If someone reclines on me I can't open the tray or reach my bag. Flying economy is difficult enough without someone pressing their seat into your face,” a third said.

On the other side of things, others supported Taylor and said she should have reclined her seat anyway.

Some social media users sided with the TikToker and others were shocked at her move to recline her seat.
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“The chairs barely recline to begin with I don’t see why ppl get so mad. I’ve never cared when the person in front of me reclines!” wrote one person

“Idk what everyone else is on about. Every long-haul flight I have been on literally EVERYONE reclines. People only sit up when food comes,” another commented.

“For y’all saying it’s rude to recline, you’re actually mad at the airline. Literally email them to make the seats bigger and give you more room.”

What do you think? Do you recline when you are on long-haul flights or are you worried about how the person behind you will react?

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