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Woman warned ‘someone’s living in her home’ after discovering creepy hidden room in her closet

Woman warned ‘someone’s living in her home’ after discovering creepy hidden room in her closet

A Reddit user has revealed the horrifying discovery she made in a 'secret room' hidden in her sister's closet

People are flooding to social media in horror after a woman revealed what was in a 'secret room' she discovered in a closet in her home.

The first thing that springs to mind when I think of a secret room in a closet is the magical, yet slightly terrifying, world of Narnia in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

However, one Reddit user's finding was equally as hair-raising, but for all the wrong reasons. Prepare to immediately go and check the backs of all of the closets in your house.

User u/foundyourforever took to Reddit thread r/Weird last year to share footage of their finding of a 'door' located in her sister's closet.

She explained in the comments: "This 'door' is in my sister's closet. She hadn't been able to get it open before today and just assumed it was a normal cabinet."

The video shows a woman bending down to open a small door which is very concealed against the wall within a closet. The little hatch opens and well, as soon as the user and her sibling open it up, let's just say they probably wished they hadn't.

The footage reveals the door opening up to show a cubby hole which looks - well - rather lived in. There is a mattress on the floor and a bag on top of blankets and duvets and even what looks like a letter.

*Immediately moves out* (Reddit/ u/foundyourforever)
*Immediately moves out* (Reddit/ u/foundyourforever)

The user says, according to her sisters, the bag contained 'a few cans of non-alcoholic beer, a tampon, pads, a toothbrush, and a notepad with only one page written on'.

"There were also some... adult items... in the room. my sister said she also saw 'medicine' bottles behind the wall, but she didn't investigate further," she adds.

She adds: "We've only lived in this house for like, a week and a half maybe? it clearly sat empty for a while before we moved in, but according to them, all of the stuff in this room looks extremely old, like 70s-80s old. so hopefully whatever cursed activities occurred in the secret room happened decades ago!

"[...] No idea how they got the mattress inside. my current guess is that they folded it hotdog style and just sorta crammed it in there? i'll be able to test this theory when we try to get it out, lol."

The user's 'current assumption' is the secret cupboard was 'some teenager's hidey-hole for their illicit goods and acts.

They added: "I personally don't believe that it was a squatter, and that it was probably done by the previous owner."

However, other Reddit users have some skin-prickling other theories they've not shied away from sharing.

It didn't take long for people to weigh in with their theories (Reddit/ u/foundyourforever)
It didn't take long for people to weigh in with their theories (Reddit/ u/foundyourforever)

U/ Acrobatic_Bike6170 said: "Hate to break it to you, but that $20 bill on the bed has the 2003 updated design on it. Not all of those items are from the 70's-80's..."

"Yea that's some human trafficking kidnapped type s**t," u/ObscureBooms wrote.

U/alucardarkness commented: "Nah, someone was defintely leaving there."

U/rovert1994 replied: "Or still is and has a secret way in and out of the house... maybe through the walls."

However, another user u/Specialist_Income_31 said: "Harry Potter, most likely."

And another u/moxeto resolved: "Airbnb that for $300 a week."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/foundyouforever

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