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Comedian opens up on her struggles being a 36-year-old virgin

Comedian opens up on her struggles being a 36-year-old virgin

Men have ghosted her for years after finding out she's still a virgin

There’s lots of things in life we don’t need to rush, like replying to that random dude from high school who messaged us on Facebook three weeks ago or finishing off that book we ‘were going to read over summer’.

And one thing for definite is losing our virginity.

There’s no timer on when you decide to go to fourth base for the first time - but one comedian has opened up about her struggles with being a virgin at the fine age of 36.

Not just that, Sonali Chandra has only kissed five men in her life.

As many are, the US-born stand-up comedian was brought up in conservative household where sex was referred as a sacred act between husband and wife.

However, it’s gotten to a point now where even her family are pushing her to ‘just do it already’.

But Chandra is set on only getting spicy in the sheets with a man who ‘puts a ring on it’ and as you’d unfortunately expect, this has made things tricky for her.

The business manager told Truly TV: “The first time I ever told a guy that I'm still a virgin was when I was 26.

Sonali Chandra wants to find 'the one' before losing her virginity.
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for House of Barrie

“The guy who was my first kiss, my first actual relationship, he was shocked. His jaw dropped and he asked if I was gonna be a virgin for eternity.”

On her 27th birthday, she realised her boyfriend had actually ghosted her following the chat – a pattern that began to unfortunately repeat itself.

Chandra said: “Whenever these guys have ghosted me I have gone through emotional hell. It’s heart-wrenching and makes me think that guys only think I'm good for sex.”

She added: “I consider sex sacred and special. In fact, I don't even like the word 'sex', I prefer 'making love'. I'll be ready when I have a ring from 'the one’.”

Sonali is a stand-up comedian.
Unique Nicole/Getty Images

The comedian previously told the Daily Star she’s been in three serious relationships and has dated a total of nine men.

But her ‘strict upbringing’ had a ‘profound impact’ on her dating, as she ‘was not allowed to socialise and dating was a big no-no’.

“Dating is a life skill, and I was forbidden from developing that skill in my teenage and college years,” she explained.

Chandra uses ‘the dating apps’ as well as having appeared on TV dating shows but refuses an arranged marriage.

She said: “I don't want my parents deciding who I have sex with, ew, we don't talk about that stuff.”

Featured Image Credit: Phillip Faraone / Stringer/Unique Nicole / Contributor / Getty Images

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