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Sex coach reveals avoiding this one thing will ruin your relationship

Sex coach reveals avoiding this one thing will ruin your relationship

Marriage is a tricky business, avoiding this one thing could mean you're just fine

No one wants their relationship ruined do they? Well, a sex coach has revealed there's one thing you'll want to avoid so that doesn't happen.

The current divorce rate in the US is 3.2 per 1,000 population, according to the US Census Bureau.

So, it's evident that many couples are having problems, with findings from the CDC finding that 70 percent of divorces are filed by women.

As a result, it seems as though a lot of people could do with some advice on how to save their marriage.

Nadia Bokody, a sex coach and columnist, is an expert in this sector, and has some very important advice when it comes to relationships.

A sex coach has provided her advice. (Instagram/@nadiabokody)
A sex coach has provided her advice. (Instagram/@nadiabokody)

She has urged people to tackle the 'elephant in the room' as soon as trouble comes to fruition.

Taking to Instagram, Nadia said: "If you want to ensure that your marriage fails or that your relationship doesn't last the test of time, simply ignore sexlessness. Don't talk about it, sweep it under the rug and hope it just fixes itself.

"A lack of physical intimacy is one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce.

"When we lose that, we start to lose the bond that we have with our partner. It causes disconnection, loneliness and ultimately that breeds resentment."

One way which is seen crucial to a relationship surviving is how active a couple are in the bedroom.

And in order to see how it's actually going between the sheets, a sexpert revealed last month very easy ways to tell if your partner is faking their orgasm.

Relationships are tricky. (Getty Stock Photo)
Relationships are tricky. (Getty Stock Photo)

Katie Flowers provided a few tips for the guys, telling the New York Post: "At the core of every meaningful relationship lies a foundation of honesty and vulnerability.

"Fake orgasms not only erode this foundation but also perpetuate a cycle of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction."

For the guys who have a sneaking suspicion their partner might be trying a little too hard to be convincing, they should trust their instincts.

“Don’t underestimate the power of your intuition,” Flowers continued.

“If something feels off, it probably is. Trust your gut instincts to guide you toward genuine moments of pleasure.”

The expert also hammered home the importance of being genuine in the bedroom. So less of the acting out what you have seen online and more of the being in the moment with your partner.

“Genuine pleasure is marked by authenticity and spontaneity,” Flowers explained.

“Look for [these signs] that signal a natural and unscripted experience.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nadiabokody/Getty/South_agency

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