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44-year-old virgin explains why he’s never slept with a sex worker
Featured Image Credit: LADbible TV

44-year-old virgin explains why he’s never slept with a sex worker

The businessman did once consider it in his late 20s.

A 44-year-old man has spoken out about why he's chosen to not pay a sex worker to lose his virginity.

Approaching his middle ages, Stephen Kinnard has much experience as a business owner, but not as much when it comes to the bedroom.

The 44-year-old has never had sex and has since opened up about why he's never decided to pay someone to take his virginity either.

Catch an insight into the interview here:

In an episode of LADbible TV's Honesty Box series, Stephen answered the question: "Have you ever considered using a sex worker to take your virginity?"

The business owner admits he 'did once' consider the option of paying someone to try and take his virginity when he was in his 'late 20s'.

However, he ultimately resolved not to and says he still 'would certainly not do so'. But why?

Stephen Kinnard could've paid someone to have sex with him, but he hasn't.
LADbible TV

Well, Stephen reflects it's 'a personal choice' but it would make him 'feel hideous afterwards'.

"Sex has always been a very important thing and affection and the right environment and that's certainly not for me," he adds.

Elsewhere in the episode, Stephen revealed he's not sure why he's remained a virgin for 44 years, noting he's 'not socially awkward' and doesn't 'really have any funny habits that would be classed as weird'.

"I would consider myself very normal but very shy and especially shy when I talk to women," he says.

He continues: "I hear a lot of people say things such as, 'Oh, it's only sex. Just go and do it. Sex is not important.'

"But to me, somehow it's always been important and a very private thing between two people and something that I've always wanted to be special."

Stephen has always wanted sex to be 'special'.
LADbible TV

And if he never meets the right person? Well, Stephen says he wouldn't 'necessarily' be happy but is 'prepared in case' he goes his whole life without ever having sex.

"I'm learning that, after all, it's not the most important thing, it's just an element of life, and I'm gonna make life the best I can and enjoy it.

"Enjoy the people that are around me and just enjoy other life experiences," he adds.

Stephen hopes to make other people who are virgins later on in life feel less alone.
LADbible TV

Stephen hopes by speaking publicly about still being a virgin at the age of 44 that he can help reassure others, noting in the past he's felt 'very sad' and on his 'own'.

"It's quite a private thing, obviously," he continues. "And most people lose their virginity when they're younger. So as I've got older, I've found it more of a struggle being a virgin, and I've realised that there are other people out there that are the same as me."

"So I've felt the need to talk about it [...] and hopefully it will help other people like how it's helped me."

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