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Chilling phone call between most wanted man on earth and police shows why he's never been caught

Chilling phone call between most wanted man on earth and police shows why he's never been caught

The phone call between El Mencho and a Mexican police officer will send shivers down your spine.

A chilling phone conversation between Mexican police and wanted drug lord El Mencho has been released on social media after his brother, cartel leader El Tony Montana, was captured this week.

El Mencho, 56, who is known as being the ‘most wanted man on earth’ has managed to dodge police officers in Mexico despite being the most wanted criminal in the country.

The Mexican government has offered $30 million and the US government has offered $10 million for information that could lead to his arrest.

He is wanted for drug trafficking, organised crime involvement and undocumented possession of firearms.

The audio above was leaked to Mexican media outlets in September 2016 and it shows just how much power El Mencho wields as he instructs the officer and his fellow officers to back off.

El Mencho is wanted by the US and Mexican governments.
United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

The same month, Proceso reported and authenticated the conversation with El Mencho – who is the head of the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG)

El Mencho tells the officer to ‘get your f***ing people to relax' and calls him a ‘son of a b***h’.

“This is Mencho, man,” he shouts through the phone. “Get your damn men to lay off or I am going to screw you and your mother and your whole pack of dogs.

“I have 30 of you identified. I’m even going to kill your damn dogs if you don’t back off. What do you think of that?”

The officer replies: “You’ve got it sir. I will tell them to stand down right away.”

El Mencho shouts back: “No, no, no. Don’t hang up you dick. I know where you are. We are in Chapala, man.”

The US government has offered a $10 million reward.
United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

Later in the call, the drug lord sends a threatening warning: “We’ll get rid of all of you. All of you sons of bitches, because all of you are taking money. You are a bag of pigs.”

He later adds: “That is why I can’t figure it out, man. I get you, man. I know you have your people, the family and s**t. But a*****e, you’d better get on this.”

The phone call ends abruptly, with the police officer replying to El Mencho’s demands with a simple ‘Of course, sir’.

The wanted man’s borther, Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, was arrested on Tuesday in the state of Jalisco, Mexican military said on 20 December.

The military have said that Oseguera was involved in money laundering, buying large numbers of weapons and coordinating violent attacks against rival gangs as well as trafficking drugs internationally.

Featured Image Credit: DEA

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