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YouTuber Muselk finally has treatment for bizarre condition which stops him from burping
Featured Image Credit: Muselk/YouTube/mrmuselk/Instagram

YouTuber Muselk finally has treatment for bizarre condition which stops him from burping

Muselk revealed a bizarre condition that stops him from burping

YouTuber Muselk finally revealed treatment for the bizarre condition that stops him from burping.

He believes that he has a medical condition that makes him unable to 'burp' or 'belch'.

Recently, Muselk tweeted about this bizarre condition, stating it as a 'little known' condition, and then claiming to have found a treatment for it.

He tweeted: "Little known fact. I cannot, and have never in my life been able to burp.

"Only reason I’m sharing this useless fact is they have recently found a treatment for it! And if even 1 person sees this who it helps then it’ll be worth it.

"Google retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction"

Muselk has revealed an unusual health condition.

Muselk further revealed that he cannot drink any 'frizzy drinks; beer; and carbonated water'.

He tweeted: "For the 99.5% of you who don’t have this. I am so aware how dumb and inconsequential it sounds.

"But I can’t drink ANY fizzy drinks, beer, CARBONATED WATER. And even if you avoid those you’re constantly left with serious discomfort.

"I know it sounds dumb. But it sucks."

Muselk joked about the whole scenario by telling how his doctor reacted back when he told him about this unusual medical state.

He tweeted: "Obviously this has always existed, but only got medically recognised in 2019! Because obviously if you tell a GP 'I can’t burp' the normal answer is 'idk figure it out'.

"Reason I wanted to share is there are so many who just shrug and accept it, and don’t know it’s a real thing."

As it turns out, retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction is an underdiagnosed condition which has been recently described by otolaryngologist Robert W Bastian.

Muselk revealed a little known fact to his followers on Twitter.
Instagram/ @mrmuselk

It is an inability to belch, abdominal or chest pressure, odd gurgling noises, and occasional difficulty vomiting.

It is caused when the muscle at the top of the oesophagus doesn't relax to allow food to enter the oesophagus or it relaxes in an uncoordinated manner.

The symptoms are known to be worsened by carbonated drinks and include the inability to belch, abdominal bloating and discomfort/nausea, or chest pain, especially after eating.

The condition can also make one produce awkward gurgling noises from the chest and lower neck as though the oesophagus is churning and straining to eject the air.

However, the unusual medical condition can be easily treated by botulinum toxin injections, such as Botox.

Twitter had an interesting reaction to the big reveal where a lot of people could relate to the condition.

One user asked Muselk if he is going to get the Botox, and he said: "Same tho! Are you going to get the Botox?"

To which Muselk replied: "Yup! Booked in yesterday! Have to do a consult first, AND a test to prove I can in fact not burp (and that I havnt just been an idiot for 28 years) but can’t wait."

On the other hand, many others related themselves to the condition.

One replied: "Wow, I thought it was just a "me" thing… I'm gonna look into this."

Another one also said: "Holy f*** no way. I stopped being able to burp in 5th grade. It’s wack."

Another one said: "OMFG. I’ve struggled my whole life. My burps are weird little clearing my throat noises! A name for it definitely helps; and I genuinely thought it was just me."

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