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Bartender reveals customer tipped $900 after making bizarre demand and people are speechless
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/rescarded

Bartender reveals customer tipped $900 after making bizarre demand and people are speechless

"This is awfully concerning, but get that bag girl!!"

People are flooding to social media to weigh in on a bartender getting tipped nearly $1,000 after fulfilling a customer's rogue request.

As the tipping debate rages on, with many divided over whether you should be expected to tip at all even if you've had good service, one bartender has revealed she received a staggeringly large tip from a customer, but only after she'd agreed to their strange request.

TikToker Scarlett Green - who goes by @rescarded on the platform - took to her page yesterday (2 April) to reveal on 27 January a customer came into her bar and ordered five pints of Michelob Ultra Draft as well as 10 chicken wings with some buffalo sauce on the side.

The total came to $30.26, however, the customer ended up adding a whopping tip of $900 - all of this confirmed via a picture of the receipt uploaded by Scarlett.

To put that into context, if the customer tipped around $3 that would've been a 10 percent tip, but tipping $900 means they tipped the bartender a whopping 300 percent.

But why did the customer tip such a colossal amount?

Scarlett was tipped a whopping $900.
TikTok/ @rescarded

Well, in a selfie of herself uploaded alongside the image of the receipt, Scarlett claims the customer said to her: "Wow that's beautiful, let me take a picture."

The image shows a clear view of Scarlett's hair which is plaited and put in pig tails - seemingly what the customer was asking to take a photo of.

Scarlett's caption adds: "Come back."

And it's not taken long for people to flood to the comments to weigh in on the request and tip.

The customer seemingly asked for a photo of Scarlett's hair.
TikTok/ @rescarded

One TikTok user said: "I think the five michelobs had something to do with it."

If that is the case, the customer is probably experiencing some pretty big beer fear now.

"I would literally start convulsing on the floor is this ever happened to me," another added.

"This just warmed my heart as a food service worker you guys deserve that tip 110 percent."

A fourth commented: "Bye. Praying this I'll happen to me."

"It's the pigtails girl," Scarlett responded.

Indeed, in another video, Scarlett explained she 'always wear[s] pigtails' when she bartends because 'old men love some pigtails and a little country accent more than they should,' mouthing along to the sound in the video which states: "Men are stupid and I don't respect them'.

One user commented: "This is awfully concerning, but get that bag girl!!"

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