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Waitress refuses to tip 20% to servers who are incompetent at ‘simple job’
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/jenna_michal / vinnstock/Getty

Waitress refuses to tip 20% to servers who are incompetent at ‘simple job’

She says they 'don't deserve' the 20 percent tip

Servers are usually petitioning for people to tip them better, but this woman is going against the grain.

Jenna, who goes by @jenna_michal on TikTok, has sparked an online debate as she shared her thoughts on tipping her fellow servers.

The topic of tipping waiters and waitresses is often discussed online - and one waitress went as far as saying that if you can't afford to tip 20 percent, then you shouldn't be eating out in the first place.

Meanwhile, others have argued that you shouldn't need to tip someone for simply 'doing their job'.

And, surprisingly, a fellow server kind of agrees.

Taking to TikTok to share her thoughts, Jenna said she feels that a lot of people don't deserve to be tipped.

"I'm a server, and a lot of you servers don't deserve 20 percent. I'm sorry," she said.

"Every time I go out, I don’t get a refill, I don’t get my silverware, it takes 20 minutes to get a condiment or I have to go ask someone else for it. [...] I'm like bro, this job is simple."

Jenna went on to say that the job 'is not that hard', therefore if someone messes up, she won't be tipping them 20 percent anymore.

Waitress Jenna has insisted that she's not tipping 20 percent for bad service anymore.

Labelling herself as 'a pretty good server', she continued: "I’m tired of busting my butt to make sure my tables have everything and getting tipped good - and then I go to these other places and I’m tipping these people the same amount when they’re doing a terrible job."

Jenna's thoughts have divided people online as many argued that things are pretty tough at the moment.

"As a server, I don’t think it’s hard, but life is. I’m tipping 20 percent for bad service and 35 percent for amazing service. Life’s hard right now," one person wrote.

"The job may not be hard, but life sure is. Tip that 20 percent, and try to be a little more understanding," urged another.

A third went on: "I’m a server and I tip at least 20 percent solely for the good karma."

But others agreed with Jenna's argument.

Someone said: "Former server here and totally agree! You sign on the job KNOWING you’re gambling on tips. It’s an ENTRY level position they need to get real."

Someone else agreed: "Literally same. In 2024 I’m done tipping 20 percent for literally every service I get. Min wage here is $15 hr not tipping for every little thing."

What are your thoughts?

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