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Man refusing to tip says servers shouldn’t ‘get 25%’ for doing their job
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/therealdustinanderson / studiocasper/Getty

Man refusing to tip says servers shouldn’t ‘get 25%’ for doing their job

A TikToker has left people divided after revealing why he doesn't think servers deserve 20 to 25 percent tips

People have been left divided after a man revealed why he's doesn't think waiting staff should receive '20 or 25 percent' tips.

The conversation rages on - should you feel obliged to tip your servers every time or does the expectation simply point out servers aren't paid enough in the first place? And then, should you feel bad enough for them to fish change out of your own pocket? Or should it be up to the companies to change? The discussion feels never-ending.

And one man has just added to it, revealing he not only refuses to give tips out anymore, but doesn't think the majority of servers actually deserve '20 percent' or '25 percent' anymore anyway.

Prepare to launch head-first into the debate:

Dustin Anderson took to his TikTok page at the end of last year in November to reveal why he's 'out' of the tipping game.

"It used to be you give a tip if someone gave exceptional service," he continues. "When was the last time you got exceptional service anywhere? It's just expected."

The TikToker continued: "They bring you the bill at the end of the meal and they're like, 'Here just fill this out'. Like 20 percent, 25 percent.

"And it's like, no, you did your job. They made food, you carried it to my table. You got me a Diet Coke, thank you, that was your job."

He resolves: You don't get 25 percent because you did your job."

Anderson says servers shouldn't expect '20 percent' tips when they're just doing their 'job'.

Look, if we're being pedantic, most of the time, a tip is expected to be around 10-15 percent of the total bill, maybe 20 percent if 'your server is above average,' Table Agent advises.

But what does everyone else think about Anderson opting to not tip servers 20 to 25 percent?

Well, the post has since gone viral amassing over three million views and tens of thousands of comments.

One TikTok user wrote: "I don't mind tipping servers, but the ipads at pick up counters have got to go."

"I don’t mind tipping at restaurants but at subway, the car wash, bars, nail salons… it’s out of hand everywhere," another added.

However, a third commented: "I don’t think anyone should comment on tipping a server unless they’ve worked in the service industry."

And a fourth said: "Yeeees!!! Tipping is OUT OF CONTROL."

People are divided in the comments.
TikTok/ @therealdustinanderson

Anderson ends his video by calling out to anyone who owns a restaurant, arguing he's 'not the bad guy here'.

"I don't want people to go hungry," he notes. "What does it cost for me to get my food and also so the wait staff doesn't have to join the cartel, do some Lord of the Flies, Oliver Twist?"

The TikToker resolves he 'wants people to be taken care of' so implores restaurant businesses to tell him 'what it costs'.

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