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Former server shares the places she won’t be tipping in 2024 and people are divided

Former server shares the places she won’t be tipping in 2024 and people are divided

The list is rather controversial

Tipping is a huge part of culture here in the US, there's no denying it.

While showing your way of appreciation in the form of money is common across the globe, it is certainly more prevalent in the States.

We've heard some pretty wild tipping stories across the US in 2023, including delivery driver who was fired for his response to an underwhelming tip.

And as we head into 2024, a former sever has shared a list of places she will not be tipping next year.

The video uploaded by a woman called Justice (@antidietpilot) quickly went viral on TikTok with more than three million views in a single day.

In the short video, Justice lists off a bunch of places and even specific companies she will not be offering a tip to in 2024.

The reason she gave for taking such a bold response is that 'tipping culture is out of control'.

"This is a list of people I’m not tipping in 2024 and I’m not gonna feel guilty about it," she begins.

"I’m not tipping at the drive-thru, I’m not tipping for froyo, I’m not tipping for Auntie Anne’s - yes, they ask for tips there now - and I’m not tipping on to-go orders."

Many would have rushed to the comments section after hearing this comment, particularly severs who pinpoint how much of a struggle financially it is for them without tips.

Tipping is a huge part of culture here in the US.
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However, Justice confirmed that she’s been both a hostess and a server 'in a past life'.

The TikToker adds: "Anyone who sets their own prices, I will absolutely not be tipping you. The whole point of tipping a service professional is that you’re paying the business like double or triple what the employee is actually making during that service.

"So if you’re both the business and the servicing employee, why would I pay more on top of that, if you’re going to obtain the full 100% of what I pay? Doesn’t make any sense."

The former server has revealed the places she won't be tipping in 2024.

"If you need a medical qualification or license in order to administer the service to me, I’m not giving you a tip because it’s against the code of ethics to accept tips for these types of procedures," she explains.

Many have flocked to the comments section of the TikTok to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "The beauty service one is crazy lol. Yes they are getting 100% but if they are they are most likely paying for color, booth rent, foils, etc."

A second added: "AGREED!! I detest the tipping culture here in the US."

While a third remarked: "Tipping in America overall is crazyyyy."

Meanwhile, a user who had differing thoughts, commented: "Pleaseeeeee tip food delivery drivers tho, you’d be surprised how much people don’t and that’s a job where tips are pay."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@antidietpilot

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