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Server left stunned after family left ‘insane’ $500 tip to help her fulfil ‘long time’ dream

Server left stunned after family left ‘insane’ $500 tip to help her fulfil ‘long time’ dream

A New York server was left stunned after a family gave her the ultimate gift

A New York server was given the ultimate gift from a generous restaurant-goer which helped her fulfil a personal dream.

While showing your way of appreciation in the form of money is common across the globe, it is certainly more prevalent in the States.

We've heard some pretty wild tipping stories across the US in the past year, including delivery driver who was fired for his response to an underwhelming tip.

This particular tipping story is perhaps the most heartwarming though, as a New York server was able to fulfil her 'long time' dream after a family left her with an 'insane' tip.

Clair Rachel Howell, 27, works as a waitress at a popular restaurant in the Theater District of the Big Apple.

Many Broadway-loving guests dine in the restaurant, with Clair often asking them what they're seeing.

Clair was left stunned.

But one late night in December, that normal conversation Clair has with most diners led to her being able to visit a Broadway show herself.

The server struck up a conversation with a family who was going to see Merrily We Roll Along at the Hudson Theatre.

Clair spoke about how she had always wanted to go and see the play but the ticket prices were a little pricey.

Well, before Clair had the opportunity to pick up the family's check, they had already headed to the theatre for their 7pm showing.

But the family had left an 'insane' and 'unexpected' gift - a $500 tip, subsequently allowing her to go and see the Broadway play.

"Go see Merrily! Sit in the orchestra!," the gentleman who paid the generous tip wrote on the receipt.

The family left an 'insane' tip.

Taking to Instagram, Clair wrote: "Sooo a magical New York moment happened to me the other day at work," referring to the massive tip.

She added: "THANK YOU to the gentleman who gave me this insane and unexpected gift. I hope you come in again so I can thank you in person. Magic is still alive in NYC and so is love and kindness and good, GOOD people.

"Tonight’s the night and as he wished i am in the second row waiting for the show to start."

Speaking further to the New York Post, Clair said: "I’ve been wanting to see it for a very long time, but I know it would be crazy expensive.

"It was a generous act of kindness. I bought the ticket that night. It’s just crazy, it’s something that happens in a dream."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/clairinthecity

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