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Restaurant's 'suggested tip' on receipt has people outraged after noticing 'worst part' in the last line
Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images / Reddit/u/NineDayOldDiarrhea

Restaurant's 'suggested tip' on receipt has people outraged after noticing 'worst part' in the last line

It's safe to say people on social media weren't overly pleased about it

People think that tipping is getting out of hand.

Whether it's ordering takeout or eating in at a restaurant, tipping has become an expectation in the US.

This largely falls down to the fact that servers need tips to make their wage liveable as restaurant owners in particular can legally pay their staff below minimum wage, with the expectation that they'll make up the rest in tips.

Some feel like they shouldn't need to tip waiting on staff, but others have explained the hardships some of them face.

And now a restaurant has blatantly outlined it's 'suggested tips' on people's checks.

One Redditor took to the social media platform to share a photo of their bill.

At the bottom, it broke down how much tip they'd be giving if they were to give as much as 99 per cent.

It reads: "99%: (Tip $61.91 Total $124.45)

"35%: (Tip $21.89 Total $84.43).

"25%: (Tip $15.64 Total $78.18)."

It adds: "Tip percentages are based on the check price after taxes."

The Redditor who posted the snap didn't name the restaurant, but simply referred to it as a 'hipster bar'.

"Damn, I get mad when I see 25% as the highest option. Thats just insane," one person replied to the post.

"Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought 15% was the default tip for adequate service with 20-25% or higher for exceptional service. When did this all change," questioned another.

Someone else fumed: "Tipping is just ridiculous."

A different person went as far as saying that they wouldn't go back to the establishment 'due to the audacity' of their so-called suggested tips.

Meanwhile, others were outraged at the tip percentages were worked out post-tax.

"Even with those crazy suggestions, the worst part is 'after taxes'," a Redditor wrote.

"Last line… percentage after the tax, so you also will be tipping on the tax," pointed out another.

One customer was hit with a bill suggesting they tip as much as 99 per cent.
Grace Cary/Getty Images

"I am a generous tipper but I tip pre-tax because it’s not part of the meal or service," a third went on.

While the idea of tipping post-tax has left a few people aggrieved, a columnist for The Takeout, known as the Salty Waitress, pointed out that there's actually a very small difference where you tip pre or post.

"The difference between tipping on pre-tax vs. post-tax totals is hardly anything. Teenie. Miniscule," they wrote to a reader who questioned when you should tip.

"If you don’t trust me, let’s do the math. Say your dinner bill is $100, and meal tax in your city is on the high end. In D.C., which has one of the highest meal taxes, it’s 10 percent, so let’s go with that—I like round numbers. Tipping 20 percent on a pre-tax bill of $100: $20. Tipping 20 percent on a post-tax bill of $110: $22. You’re seriously losing sleep over $2?"

I mean, they make a good point.

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