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Man Takes Nap With Cheetahs In Astonishing Video
Featured Image Credit: Dolph C. Volker/YouTube

Man Takes Nap With Cheetahs In Astonishing Video

Footage shows a man napping with Cheetahs and it's as mad as it sounds.

Footage shows a man napping with cheetahs and it's way chiller than you'd expect.

The first thing most people think when they hear cheetah is super fast predator, not nap buddy.

But, for one man, the powerful cats are just cuddly furry four-legged friends.

There's even footage to prove it, as one man shares his experience lying down with the world's fastest big cat.

The clip comes from Dolph C. Volker, a YouTuber with a Zoology degree that dedicates his content to cheetahs.

And, in the incredible video above, Volker set out to answer the question "Do Cheetahs Prefer Cold Hard Concrete Or Warm Blankets Pillow & A Friend?"

By the end of the clip it seems pretty clear that they prefer pillows and a friend, like most of us - go figure.

The cheetahs even end up snuggling up to him at one point and while it looks like a pretty cosy setup, you definitely shouldn't try this at your local zoo, or anywhere else for that matter.

People were, obviously, quick to weigh in on the big cat sleepover, with one user on Reddit writing: "He’s their Emotional Support Human," and we will not be applying for that job any time soon, because imagine the life insurance premiums you'd pay.

Not your average sleepover.
Dolph C. Volker/YouTube

Still, the sleepovers aren't a regular occurrence, with another user elaborating that the daring napper was actually 'there for fun and educational purposes. They sleep fine without him. He narrates the video and explains it. Since they move around so much he doesn't sleep well so it's not a regular thing.'

While another, surprisingly, said: "Fun fact: Cheetahs are basically just very big and harmless kitty cats. Their character comes closest to domesticated cats out of all the big cats. And technically speaking, they're not even big cats to begin with."

To which a user after our own heart said: "Harmless? Really? I’m scared just looking at this video."

The cheetahs eventually cuddled up to Volker.
Dolph C. Volker/YouTube

Still, people were confident that cheetahs are friendlier than they seem: "A friend of mine had one that was a rescue. He said it was amazing but he had to be careful with his kids because if they went running she went chasing thinking it was the coolest game ever. She never hurt the kids, but it was just something he was aware of."

We weren't entirely convinced by this but after looking into cheetahs' temperaments, it seems that cheetahs aren't an active threat to humans and are actually 'rather docile compared to other wild cats,' as reported by GVI Planet.

Still, 'rather docile compared to other cats' isn't reassuring enough for us to try napping with them and we recommend you don't either because they are literally predators.

Watch Dolph's full video here.

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