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Coach Under Fire For Calling Women's Sport Teams 'More Emotional' Than Men's

Coach Under Fire For Calling Women's Sport Teams 'More Emotional' Than Men's

Manager of Northern Ireland's women's football team, Kenny Shiels, was slammed on social media after his controversial remarks

Northern Ireland manager Kenny Shiels has come under fire for controversial comments he made over women’s football. 

Shiels’ team were beaten 5-0 by England during their 2023 World Cup qualifier on Tuesday (12 April), with four of the goals being scored in the second half. 

During his post-match interview, he made the bold claim that women’s football teams concede more goals in quick succession due to being more ‘emotional’ than men. Watch the clip below:

The comments came after the Lionesses enjoyed a triumphant victory, with their second goal scored in the 52nd minute before three more goals in the 60th, 70th and 79th minute. 

Shiels’ remarks garnered quite the reaction on social media, with former Arsenal player Ian Wright weighing in on the situation. 

Taking to Twitter, the female pundit wrote: “Kenny Shiels talking foolishness! Talking about emotional women! Didn't that man see how many times I was crying on the PITCH!” 

Kenny Shiels at the women's 2023 World Cup qualifying match on Tuesday.

Former England Women goalkeeper Siobhan Chamberlain also gave her thoughts on the matter, describing Shiel’s comments as ‘bizarre’. 

She told BBC Radio 5 Live: “We all know - and we get it drilled into us as footballers - the five minutes after you concede a goal, the five minutes after you score a goal across the board, not just in women's football, in men's football as well, you're more likely to concede a goal, you're more likely to potentially go on to score again. 

“That's not just in the women's game, that's in the men's game as well and to just generalise that to women is a slightly bizarre comment. 

“You need to kind of take a bit of responsibility of knowing the value that words can hold and when you give post-match press conferences when you're feeling emotional after a big game, it's important to make sure that you're speaking sensibly and are aware of the message that your words can carry.” 

Football fans shared their rage at Shiels’ comments on Twitter, with one writing: “It’s probably time for you and your misogyny to go.” 

Another person wrote: “How the hell can Kenny Shiels, the manager of Northern Ireland’s Women’s team, have such a low opinion of women? How the hell do you even get to that position?” 

Another remembered that Shiels said back in 2014 that he was advised against conducting matchday interviews by his doctor, saying they make him 'emotionally imbalanced'.

UNILAD has contacted Kenny Shiels for a comment.

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