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People are horrified at how crammed Chinese waterpark is

People are horrified at how crammed Chinese waterpark is

This is horrifying.

People are horrified at how crammed a waterpark in China was this weekend.

Video footage of Heiyuhu Water Amusement Park in the city of Daqing in Heilongjiang Province, northeast China, shows attendees on 7 August resembling ‘fruit loops cereal’ as they piled on top of each other in the water. Check out the video below:

Thousands of tourists in inflatable rubber rings were crammed into a wave machine-style pool as they tried to enjoy their trip to the amusement park.

One man, named Liu, captured the shocking scenes when he headed to the water park with his family.

Onlookers were shocked to see the scenes unfolding in the surfaced video, which is typically this busy during the weekends and holidays, according to an employee who spoke to Heilongjiang Television. 

Upon watching the video, one viewer wrote: “I thought it was fruit loops cereal,” whilst another said: “This doesn't seem remotely fun or relaxing. I'm so sorry.”

People are horrified at how crammed a waterpark in China was this weekend.

“Imagine getting stuck under that,” added another.

“No no no no how could that be fun? Omg I'd lose my mind,” someone else wrote.

Meanwhile, others mentioned the risk of drowning and going ‘unnoticed’ among that many other people.

“Scary! If someone went under and was struggling, no one would notice,” one person mentioned, while another noted: “You can't tell me that someone in there isn't drowning or scared.”

The park has since begun to limit the number of tourists as a result of the cramped swimming pool, while staff have advised tourists to visit instead during off-peak times.

People were horrified at the scenes.

A representative of Heiyuhu Water Amusement Park could not be reached for a comment.

Elsewhere in water park news, a new £250 million waterpark in the UK will be home to the country's first-ever all-season beach.

Beaches in the UK have a certain charm to them, one could say. Blustering winds, chilly temperatures, dog walkers picking up poo or shuffling it under the sand, fish and chips on a bench by the crashing waves are all some of the novelties that those in the UK face.

So it’s a good thing that Therme Manchester, the UK's first city-based wellbeing resort, is set to come to Trafford City in a few years.

It'll be an 'immersive experience that benefits the mental and physical health and wellbeing of all who visit', its website notes, featuring a 'next generation' waterpark, thermal bathing and a wellbeing spa, as well as 'immersive digital art, an on-site urban farm and botanical gardens'.

The waterpark will also be equipped with the world's first 'living waterslides' and an all-season urban beach. Overall, it'll have 20 pools and 35 water slides. You can read more on that here.

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