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Woman shows 'terrifying' reality of what really happens when you get put under for surgery

Woman shows 'terrifying' reality of what really happens when you get put under for surgery

Since we are not conscious enough to experience it first-hand, this TikTok shows us what happens after we're put under anaesthesia.

I bet most of us have probably wondered what happens when we undergo a surgical procedure.

However, because it knocks you out, we don’t really experience much - of course.

You've probably of some horror stories about waking up mid-surgery or going in for a procedure and leaving with an entirely different result.

However, in most cases, it often is quick and simple, and when it’s all done and you come to, all you’re likely to experience are the side effects that come with it - which are never fun.

So unless you’re a doctor, it’s unlikely that you have first-hand knowledge of what truly goes into being put under as it happens.

That’s why many are terrified to learn what goes on when you are on the operating table.

A TikTok account showed what it looks like when you undergo surgery (TikTok/Echo_Healthcare)
A TikTok account showed what it looks like when you undergo surgery (TikTok/Echo_Healthcare)

TikTok account Echo Healthcare gave a demonstration of what can sometimes happens when you’re put under by using a medical mannequin, named 'Vivienne', in a recent video.

The clip showed that sometimes a ventilator is used to ensure that the patient retains good airflow in their unconscious state - as well as injecting fluids into the body.

“Have you ever been put under for a dreaded surgery?” the voiceover asked rhetorically before adding, “Well, what’s happening to [the mannequin] is what happens to us.”

“I know, it’s terrifying! But honestly, it’s pretty cool if you ask me.”

Many people in the comment section were shocked that such a tool could be used when they are put under.

“I’m so glad I didn’t ever see this before my surgeries,” said one commenter, while another noticed the relative lackadaisical way that the person in the video inserted the ventilator into 'Vivienne'.

“I hope they are more gentle,” they said.

While others recalled their experience using a ventilator, with another person saying: “I was awake for 2 days while intubated after a 5-day coma.

"It is so odd and NOT fun.”

Luckily for those terrified by the video, ventilators aren’t used for all surgeries that you get put under for.

Instead the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says it's all circumstantial.

Not every situation calls for a ventilator, however (TikTok/@echo_healthcare)
Not every situation calls for a ventilator, however (TikTok/@echo_healthcare)

According to a page on NHLBI’s website - fittingly titled 'Who Needs a Ventilator' - not every surgery necessary requires the use of a ventilator.

“You may need a ventilator if you are going to have surgery with general anesthesia,” the site explains.

“The medicines used for anesthesia can affect your normal breathing. A ventilator helps control your breathing.”

While the use of a ventilator while under anaesthetics might seem scary, it’s ultimately used to ensure your breathing remains stable during your operation - making it a pretty important part of the surgery.

However, other methods, such as receiving oxygen through a face mask rather than a breathing tube, can also be used.

So no need to fear.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@echo_healthcare