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McDonald's employee gives important piece of advice to people starting a job in one of their kitchens

McDonald's employee gives important piece of advice to people starting a job in one of their kitchens

The McDonald's employee gave some vital advice for new starters

Working in the restaurant business can be tricky, especially if you’ve never had experience in a kitchen.

It can be pretty daunting on your first day of work, and we've all been there.

Doe eyed and inexperienced, it's something that can haunt even the best of us until we learn to relax and live day by day.

Thankfully, though, there are those who are sharing their tips and tricks to help you get started in your career.

Like TikToker Stephen Patula, who works for fast food giant McDonald’s.

The employee took to the social media platform to help out those who may be worried about their first day in the biz, telling them exactly what they should be doing to make life a lot easier and safer when working at the burger brand.

He began: “Advice for new employees at McDonald's.

“I cannot stress this enough... Slip resistant shoes.”

These shoes will help to keep you grounded so that there are no accidents in the hot kitchen.

Patula went on to explain that the chain requires the shoes to be worn and that they ‘will literally change your life.’

“Definitely invest before your first day,” he advised.

It was only this month that we were promised burgers that would be better than ever at the fast food chain, and everyone was loving McDonald’s for their attention to customer needs.

And it's certainly been a busy period for the chain, who are even set to launch a spin off restaurant called CosMcs which lists an all-day breakfast menu and fans are going wild over it.

This restaurant is going to be something like you've never seen before, which will be so cool if the person who takes the non-slip shoe advice ends up working at CosMcs.

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski went on to call the new brand idea 'a small format concept with all the DNA of McDonald’s but its own unique personality'.

Slip resistant shoes are very much needed if you want to work at McDonald's.

Similarly, there’s a pretty cool McDonald’s employee taking TikTok by storm with his debunking videos, where he shares insider information to his 211,000 followers.

Speaking to UNILAD, Mike Haracz described his role as being able to 'develop, optimize, test, and help launch new menu items with a variety of supplier partners'.

So, he knows his stuff.

One of his talking points online was to explain why McDonald's ketchup tastes different to Heinz, and our personal favourite was when he disclosed to us he wants the fried apple pie back on menus.

It may have been removed in 1992, but Mike told UNILAD that he thinks ‘the fried apple pies were far superior to the current offering’.

Note taken, Mike!

Now we’ll be taking our slip resistant shoes and quickly running to our local Maccies to see if there’s a stray fried apple pie hidden behind a freezer!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@stephen.patula / Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

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