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Five Guys employee explains why the food is so expensive
Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images / Pixabay/Ryan Lind

Five Guys employee explains why the food is so expensive

Someone took to Reddit to query the fast food chain's prices.

If you've ever wondered why Five Guys is so expensive, you're not alone.

The fast food franchise is best known for its burgers and shakes - as well as being a little bit pricey.

Your average burger in Five Guys will set you back around $7, with a large fries thought to cost over $5.

The prices are similar in the UK too, sparking customers to question why it's so expensive.

"I don't understand five guys popularity in the UK," someone penned on Reddit yesterday (November 13).

"A single smooshed burger wrapped in tinfoil costs £10.25. Chips for £5 and a milkshake costs damn near seven quid!

"You're paying about £20 for a meal and it's not even that good or presented in a nice way. What's with its popularity?"

A former Five Guys employee has since replied to their question and explained why - in their experience - the food costs more than it does at other outlets.

People have questioned why Five Guys is so expensive.
CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images

They wrote: "Worked for the company for some time. You're mainly paying for the fact it’s all freshly prepared.

"Every morning you spend 3hrs making burger patties, cutting fries, shredding lettuce, tomato’s and so on. This also includes the milkshake add ins, you have to prepare them as well."

They added: "They don’t skimp on the products, they are expensive to buy in."

According to this person (who left the establishment in 2019), Five Guys also likes to 'splash money' on its employees.

"They took all the restaurant managers to Ibiza for a weekend not that long ago and had Daft Punk play a private gig for them," they said.

Five Guys insists that it only uses fresh ingredients.
Eduardo Parra/Getty Images

A spokesperson from Five Guys has echoed similar sentiments in the past about the company only using fresh ingredients.

Iain Ross-Mackenzie, Director Of Operations-APAC at Five Guys International, told The Rakyat Post last year: "Nothing in store is frozen. We only ever use fresh ingredients."

He added: "People come to Five Guys for a simple, great American burger. And that’s what they will get here."

With its fresh produce in mind, many Five Guys fans are happy to pay the slightly more expensive rates.

"It is slightly overpriced, but it’s waaaaay better than McDonalds, Burger King etc," someone penned on Reddit.

"Like, not in the same league at all."

Another person agreed: "I mean, yeah it's expensive. But what isn't? It's not that much more than other fast food now. But the quality is far better."

You get what you pay for, folks!

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