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Five Guys founder explained why he tells staff to give customers loads of fries
Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images / Pixabay

Five Guys founder explained why he tells staff to give customers loads of fries

He says that some people even complain over the amount of fries they received

If you’ve ever paid a visit to a Five Guys, you may have noticed that the fast-food chain does not scrimp when it comes to dishing out its french fries.

Five Guys is proud of its fries, which are freshly made on site and cooked in peanut oil to avoid trans fats and preservatives, meaning that they’re a little healthier than your average fried potato.

Five Guys founder Jerry Murrell told Food Republic of his fries: "Peanut oil is a healthier oil. Lots of people prefer to use hydrogenated oils for a crisper fry, but we want that melt-in-your-mouth buttery taste that nonhydrogenated oil offers.

"There are no trans fats or preservatives, and it's the purest oil available. Since fries are all we cook in it, nothing touches our oil except for potatoes and our fry baskets."

The outlet also refuses to use dehydrated frozen fries, like some of its competitors, to ensure they don’t absorb oil and go greasy during the cooking process.

“We actually soak our fries in water,” Murrell told

“When we pre-fry them, the water boils, forcing steam out of the fry, and a seal is formed so that when they get fried a second time, they don't absorb any oil - and they're not greasy.”

The Five Guys founder has explained why staff give customers so many fries.
Pixabay/Ryan Lind

Sounds pretty good, right?

And not only that, but unlike other fast-food outlets, Five Guys is happy to load up customers with fries - so much so, that some folks even complain that they’ve been given too many.

The fries are served in a 24-ounce cup, much larger than those on offer at Five Guys’ competitors, and staff aren’t shy about packing the containers to the brim, even chucking in an extra scoop just for good measure.

But why? Well for Murrell it’s all about giving customers their money’s worth - in fact, he likes them to be so jam-packed that people actually complain about the amount given.

Founder Jerry Murrell says some people complain that they’ve been given too many fries.

During an interview with Food Republic back in 2016, Murrell said: “I won’t name names, but other restaurants just don’t give a satisfying amount of fries. We always give an extra scoop.

"I say load ’em up and make sure they get their money’s worth.

“[Some] people complain that they get too many fries. I just tell them to make hash browns with the leftovers. I teach my managers that if people aren’t complaining, then you’re not giving them enough.”

So, there you go!

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