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Liza Koshy explains why she eats baby food

Liza Koshy explains why she eats baby food

The media personality and YouTube star chatted about her favourite snack.

Liza Koshy is full of surprises and her choice of snack is one of them.

The actress, 27, sat down with UNILAD to take part in a job interview experience where she discussed everything from her characters to sharing her secrets about balancing work and play.

During the ‘interview’, Koshy was given a short lunch break. She was given a brown paper back with a snack inside.

The Streamy Award-winner was beyond excited when she unwrapped her gift.

Liza Koshy was gifted her favourite snack.

“Oh my God yogurt melt snacks for babies! Thank you babies! I really love these puppies! Honestly it’s a good little quick hit of sugar when you need it.”

What a wholesome moment.

Koshy recently portrayed the role of Arcee in the film Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

The Liza on Demand star also said not only would she love to produce one nepo baby ‘and also Gerber babies’.

“I might have jacked this from a baby at one point and was like, ‘hold on let me try that’, I think we all have tried baby snacks and dog kibble… maybe it’s just me.”

Featured Image Credit: UNILAD

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