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Woman Gives Birth At Metallica Concert

Woman Gives Birth At Metallica Concert

This has to be the most rock 'n' roll entrance into the world ever

In what might be the most rock ‘n’ roll entrance into the world ever, a woman gave birth at a recent Metallica concert. 

Despite being heavily pregnant, Joice M Figueiró didn’t want to miss out on the show, especially since the band’s South American tour was postponed for two years due to the pandemic. 

The tattoo artist was 39 weeks along when she attended the gig in Curitiba, Brazil, on Saturday (May 7) where James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo took to the stage.

Metallica shared about the incredible moment on social media.

Thankfully she was sat in a special area to ensure she was protected in the crowd, but what Joice didn’t expect was for contractions to start before they’d even finished their set. 

According to The Washington Post, she held on for as long as she could before calling the venue’s medical team over for help. 

They immediately called an ambulance as they brought her over to their medical tent on a stretcher, but it was too late at this point. 

During Metallica’s encore performance of their smash hit 'Enter Sandman', Joice gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 

Shortly after, the ambulance arrived and transported them to Hospital e Maternidade Brígida to ensure everyone was happy and healthy

Speaking to the outlet, the new mum said: “It was a blur. It all happened so fast.”

Apparently there was another man who was being treated in the medical tent for alcohol poisoning, to which Joice said: “They couldn’t take him outside, so they just turned him around and helped me with the birth.”

The story has spread across the world, even reaching Metallica themselves who shared about the incredible moment on their Instagram Story. 


Hospital staff also shared about the story on Instagram, writing: “The mother and son were treated and received all the necessary care. [We] wish great health to newest ‘rocker’ of Curitiba.”

Of course, talks soon turned to what Joice would be calling her baby, with many wondering if she’d go for a Metallica-themed name. 

She told The Washington Post that she ‘joked his name would be James Ulrich’, a combination of singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich, but later settled on Luan Figueiró.

“But really, since this name question has brought up great appeal and we haven’t registered him, we’re thinking of maybe adding a [middle] name and putting some homage in there,” she explained. 

As for whether she’ll consider ‘Sandman’, that’ll be a no, said Joice: “Remember, this is the name he’ll carry throughout his whole life. He’ll get bullied with the name ‘Sandman’.

"He already has enough of a story to tell.”

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@digdigjoo/Alamy

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