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Snoop Dogg gifts Ed Sheeran with huge gold chain after 'welcoming' him to his label

Snoop Dogg gifts Ed Sheeran with huge gold chain after 'welcoming' him to his label

"Now I want a song of him with Snoop Dogg"

Snoop Dogg gifted Ed Sheeran a huge gold chain while 'welcoming' him to Death Row Records.

Now, Sheeran's pop-folk, acoustic love songs might not be the first type of music that comes to mind when you think of the legendary Death Row Records.

But the 32-year-old singer was seen partying backstage at Snoop's Rod Laver Arena show in Melbourne, Australia, last night (March 4).

And since the 51-year-old rapper is now the owner of Death Row Records, having taken on the label last year, he decided to welcome Sheeran to the family.

In a clip shared on Instagram, Snoop can be seen wrapping a chunky Death Row gold chain around the songwriter's neck.

According to the Daily Mail, the logo piece from the jewellery line is worth approximately $6,500 (£5,300).

The footage, posted by the rapper and shared by user @killadillacanam, who deals with the bookings for Snoop's DJ sets, says: "Welcome to Death Row."

As the rapper attaches the chain, he says: "We want to see all your videos, all your dressing rooms, all your drinks, smoking all your weed – come to Death Row."

Sheeran replies: "Well I'm in your dressing room, drinking all your drinks," before the pair cheers.

But the singer wasn't the only one who bagged himself a reminder of the night, as none other than Russell Crowe was also seen partying with the pair backstage.

The trio we didn't know we needed.

In a separate Instagram Story, the 58-year-old actor could be seen opening his gift as Snoop says: "Come on, we're waiting on you, Death Row need that, we need that look."

Viewers were loving the unlikely trio, with dozens of people commenting on a photo showing Sheeran wearing his gold chain.

"A link up of all link ups," wrote one, while another said: "Oooh interesting!! Ed Sheeran and Snoop together."

A third added, "I love he's rockin the chain."

Over on Twitter, people were just as excited, with one saying: "Now I want a song of him with Snoop Dogg."

A second chimed in: "Ed Sheeran, Snoop Dogg and Russell Crowe hanging out last night in Melbourne is a vibe. I love."

Death Row Records was originally founded by Dr. Dre, The D.O.C., Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris and Suge Knight in 1991.

Snoop and Sheeran partied backstage.

The label was home to a roster of major artists including Snoop, Tupac Shakur, Tha Dogg Pound, MC Hammer, as well as Dre himself.

However, it faced a number of issues over the years, including after Tupac's death when Knight was charged with a parole violation and sentenced to nine years.

The label filed for bankruptcy in 2006 following the departure of Dre and Snoop, and it's changed hands several times, even ending up under the Hasbro Toy Company at one time.

But in February 2022, Snoop acquired the company from MNRK Music Group, making him the owner of the famed hip-hop label.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@snoopdogg

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