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Slipknot fans confused as band deletes unexpected announcement that Craig Jones left

Slipknot fans confused as band deletes unexpected announcement that Craig Jones left

The message that Craig Jones is leaving Slipknot has gone, and now people are wondering what's going on

Slipknot fans have been left reeling with confusion after the band announced Craig Jones would be leaving before deleting the post.

The band recently took to social media to share the message: "To our fans, Slipknot is announcing that we have parted ways with Craig Jones. We wish Jones all the best for the future."

Obviously, that came as something of a surprise to fans of Slipknot, especially since the band are in the middle of a pretty busy time where they've got to headline the Download Festival in the UK at the weekend.

Jones joined the nine-member metal group in 1996 - a year after they were founded - and his departure was greeted with much dismay by fans.

One said that Jones 'CAN NOT LEAVE' while another dramatically stated that the news 'made me push my fingers into my eyes', with many more saying how sorry they were to see a Slipknot stalwart appear to be on the way out.

Goodnight, sweet prince, and a- oh hang on they deleted the post. What does this mean?
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Then the post announcing his departure was deleted and now fans are stuck shouting into the social media void in search of answers which may only be revealed in time, if at all.

Around the time of posting and deleting the announcement of Jones' departure the band had been putting other content online and naturally people have just one question to ask: "Where is Craig?"

Even on a post telling fans that Shawn 'Clown' Crahan has gone 'back home' to support his wife with health issues, the vast majority of people are searching for answers to the status of Jones.

Fans are wondering why the post saying he's left the band has gone up and down with Slipknot now continuing to post 'like nothing happened'.

They've since made a cryptic caption-less post of a hooded figure in a dark mask and fans in search of answers have told them to 'stop being shady'.

Amid the confusion, Slipknot posted this image but fans want to know what gives with Craig Jones.

Some fans think the post is the announcement of a new member while others are wondering if it's actually Craig Jones under a new guise.

It's done nothing to quell the confusion and speculation as Slipknot fans just want to know what's going on with their beloved band.

One person told them 'YALL BETTER NOT BE PULLING SOME S**T NOW WHERES CRAIG' while another rather rudely told the band 'f**k you guys'.

Others are convinced that this cryptic activity meant 'Craig's not leaving', whlile more confused Slipknot fans simply keep asking 'what the hell is going on'.

Really, the most honest fan reaction was summed up by this comment which read: "What in the mother cluckers is happening right now."

What in the mother cluckers indeed, Slipknot fan.

Featured Image Credit: Sipa US / Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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