Pink Floyd fans slam band for posting 50th anniversary of album thinking they had gone ‘woke’

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Pink Floyd fans slam band for posting 50th anniversary of album thinking they had gone ‘woke’

Featured Image Credit: Antonio Pagano / Alamy Stock Photo. Pink Floyd/Facebook

Pink Floyd has been accused of going ‘woke’ after celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon.

The English rock band shared a twist on their iconic album to mark half a century since its release.

However, as the album features the band’s famed prism, some were outraged because they thought they were seeing a rainbow pride flag.

Apparently, these ‘fans’ hadn’t seen all sides of the moon.

Shortly after Pink Floyd updated their profile picture in honor of the 1973 album, one person wrote: “Are you going to go woke with rainbows, is there a straight flag? I want equal representation, don’t get me wrong, we should all be true to who we are. Peace.”

Another said: “From this moment, I don’t listen to this band.”

While another shared: “Lose the rainbow; you’re making yourself look stupid.”

Oh, the irony.

However, many true fans were left howling over the mistake.

One user wrote: “This is hilarious…sheer idiocy…not least since they’ve managed to create the best PR possible for the best album of all time…not that it really needed it but I’m sure that wasn’t the intention of the anti-woke brigade.”

Another said: “The toughest acting people are the first to clutch their conservative pearls at the mere sight of a rainbow, which, side note: has been on the album cover since 1973.”

A third commented: “Oh my God, this is the best thing online today.”

Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album to be released by the rock band.

It is one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time, selling over 45 million copies worldwide, officially making it the fourth best-selling album in history.


And while the eye-capturing prism on the cover became world-famous, the band almost went with another design entirely.

Initially, Pink Floyd wanted to go with an image of the Marvel character, the Silver Surfer.

However, when English graphic designer Storm Thorgerson came to them with an idea of the prism, the rest was history.

They told Rolling Stone in 2003: “It was, ‘That is it.’ It’s a brilliant cover.

"One can look at it after that first moment of brilliance and think, ‘Well, it’s a very commercial idea: It’s very stark and simple; it’ll look good great in shop windows.’

"It wasn’t a vague picture of four lads bouncing in the countryside. That fact wasn’t lost on us.”

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