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Nick Jonas rips into fans who kept throwing things at him on stage

Nick Jonas rips into fans who kept throwing things at him on stage

The youngest member of The Jonas Brothers begged people to stop tossing objects.

Nick Jonas has been captured telling off fans who were throwing things at him while he was performing.

The youngest member of the famous trio was on stage with his brothers during a concert at Sacramento, California.

He was all smiles as he was belting out one of their hits until you can see an object be tossed in his direction.

While he tries to shake it off, you can see his mood change when another object gets thrown at him.

He then tells the section to 'stop' before continuing to sing.

The viral clip has opened up a discussion about why this seems to be happening more frequently to singers.

One fan said: "These fans are getting out of control with their attention seeking. The artists get hit in the face with the hope they’ll get noticed."

Another added: "He was so angry he wasn't gonna sing."

A third wrote: "He was annoyed but trying to be nice at the same time!"

While Nick managed to avoid being struck by whatever was being thrown at him, it hasn't been the same for other artists.

Bebe Rexha was clocked in the face with a phone during a performance in New York City.

The injury was so bad that she had to finish her concert early and was taken to hospital to get stitches.

A man was charged over the incident and, according to Rolling Stone, he confessed to police saying he thought 'it would be funny'.

Drake was nearly injured in the same way after someone threw a book at him on stage.

The dad-of-one appeared to be in between songs at the time and was talking to the crowd when it happened.

"You're lucky I'm quick," Drake tells the fan before tosses the book to the side.

"I would've had to beat your a** if that hit me in the face."

Judging by the book's blue cover with write text on the front, it appeared to be a copy of Champagne Papi's very own poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything.

Harry Styles looked in pain during a performance in July after he was hit in the face.

The incident occurred at the Vienna ‘Love on Tour’ concert and footage captured the moment something struck his eye as he was walking on stage.

Other artists who have been targeted in this year alone include Maluma, Ava Max, and Pink, according to L'officiel Singapore.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/simplyjennyfurr

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