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Gwen Stefani fans in awe of her ‘ageing backwards’ after sharing new video

Gwen Stefani fans in awe of her ‘ageing backwards’ after sharing new video

The 54-year-old opened up about one of her insecurities surrounding ageing in a video posted to Instagram

People are flooding to Gwen Stefani's social media in support after she opened up about her insecurity around ageing.

Why everyone is so obsessed with ageing backwards I'll never fully understand, however, saying that, I did let out a small squawk of horror after finding a clump of grey hairs in my 24-year-old head the other day.

However, Gwen Stefani clearly doesn't have that problem - the star previously revealing why she doesn't appear to age - and fans of the singer can't help but point out just how youthful and radiant she looks in a recent video.

Before I really offend my mom and everyone else her age, Stefani is only 54 years old.

Although, saying that, in videos she's released of the behind the scenes of her latest release Purple Irises, she looks the sort of age where she'd still get asked for her ID at a corner store.

Purple Irises - a duet between Stefani and her musical but also real life partner Blake Shelton - was released earlier this year on February 9 and the singer has gone on to share footage of the duo creating the song to her Instagram.

Gwen Stefani is 54 years old.
Getty Images/ Emma McIntyre

Part one of the series of three clips shows Stefani open up about when she was writing the song how she realised she 'needed to be truthful to [herself]' and write the song 'about getting older' and not feeling 'pretty'.

"If I don't feel pretty, how could someone else think I'm pretty still?" she continues. "What if like somebody tries to take my love away from me?"

The singer notes she really wanted to 'show how insecure [she can] feel'.

And it hasn't taken long for fans of the singer to flood to her social media to offer support.

Stefani wanted to 'show how insecure' she can feel within the song.
Instagram/ @gwenstefani

One Instagram user said: "Gwen you are aging backwards !!! Skin is glowing."

"So relatable. Insecurities can get the best of us and it's comforting to know even Gwen Stefani feels that way sometimes too. (Even though she's gorgeous!)" Another added.

A third commented: "You are stunning. I know confidence can be rocked once someone cheated on you esp with a younger woman but you are GORGEOUS! So pretty, so cool and so talented. Thank you for this song and being such a rockstar forever. Blake won the jackpot."

And a fourth wrote: "You are absolutely Stunning!!! You’ve been my inspiration since I first saw the Don’t Speak video!! Always beautiful, even more with age."

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gwenstefani

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