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Flo Rida grooves along to his own music while appearing in court

Flo Rida grooves along to his own music while appearing in court

This really is Flo Rida's world and we're just living in it

Flo Rida just gave yet another masterclass in 'never let them know your next move' by grooving to his own music while on the witness stand in court.

Back in 2021, the rapper - real name Tramar Lacel Dillard - left people baffled when he took to the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest.

He was there for a duet with San Marino's entry Senhit, performing her track Adrenalina for the event's second semi-final, with one person describing it as the 'least and most surprising' moment of the night.

And now he's at it again, this time taking to the courtroom to vibe to his own tune.

To give you the background, Rida is currently suing the energy drinks brand Celsius over allegations that they owe him money.

The 43-year-old initially partnered up with the company back in 2014, agreeing to endorse the drink, which he claims significantly boosted its share value.

Law & Crime Network's Alberto Luperon explained that Rida is seeking at least $30,000 in damages in the breach of contract lawsuit, alleging that the company failed to pay what it owed him.

Last week, the rapper took to the witness stand in the Broward County courtroom – and this is when things took a turn for the hilarious.

WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

In order to demonstrate Rida's musical success, his attorney Cristina Pierson started playing a few of his hit songs, including My House, Low, and Good Feeling.

And with every track they played, the singer could be seen bopping along to his own music – hey, if you don't love what you're creating then there's no point being in the business.

When it came to arguably his most famous song, Right Round ft Ke$ha, he proudly told the court: "It featured Ke$ha, it had a bit of nostalgia in it so I'm pretty sure just about everybody will know this record."

As soon as the track starts, Rida can be seen bobbing his head to the beat.

People have reacted favourably to his courtroom appearance, with one joking on TikTok: "Your honor, permission to approach the dance floor?"

He was loving it.
Law & Crime Network

Another shared: "I once met Flo Rida at the short hills mall and he told me 'liv, just keep on livin’ and it changed me."

"Bumping Flo Rida in the courts is crazy," added a third, while a fourth pointed out, "No way a single person in that court room doesn’t know that song."

This really is Flo Rida's world and we're just living in it.

Featured Image Credit: Law & Crime Network

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