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Everything You Need To Know About The Eurovision Song Contest Tonight

Everything You Need To Know About The Eurovision Song Contest Tonight

What you need to know about the Eurovision song contest tonight.

The grand final of everyone's favourite song contest is back tonight and here's everything you need to know.

While the UK rarely get a look in for points, this year they're amongst the favourites to win, with construction worker/TikTok star Sam Ryder wowing crowds during rehearsals.

The singer will perform his uplifting pop song Space Man, 22nd in the running order, in front of a crowd of almost 7,000 fans at the Pala Olimpico arena.

He co-wrote the track with Grammy-winning songwriter Amy Wadge, who has previously worked with Ed Sheeran and Max Wolfgang.

Other favourites include Ukraine and Italy, with contestants bringing their all to the incredible competition.

There's a real mix of artists this year, and we'd expect no less from a competition that helped catapult ABBA to icon status.

The Czech Republic’s We Are Domi will perform the track Lights Off in the opening slot while Estonia will close the show with Stefan singing Hope.

Ukraine’s folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra, will also perform their song Stefania 12th in the running order.

Reigning Eurovision Song Contest champion Italian rock band Maneskin will also be taking to the stage to perform their new single Supermodel.

Meghan Markle's hair even gets a mention with Serbia's entry, Konstrakta, referencing her 'healthy hair' during In Corpore Sano.

People have weighed in with their thoughts on this year's acts and the UK is proving to be a firm favourite, with one Twitter user writing: "I have Netherlands after those 3 (winning potential & then Serbia, UK, Poland in next bracket of contenders. I think running order has killed winning chances of Italy & Greece(I think they can still do well, just not win) #Eurovision#ESC2022."

With others saying they were anxiously anticipating the UK's performance: "To say I’m nervous is an understatement, but I’m sure we’ve got what it take to bring it home! Come on Sam Ryder in the Eurovision."

There was a lot of love for Ukraine's entry: "if Ukraine wins, its not bc of the war. The song is truly amazing. It has cultural influence just like SHUM had last year and it got the third place. Ukraine song is rlly memorable compared to other songs this year. I doubt it will win though. Ukraine wouldn’t be able to host esc"

Others were incredibly excited about the competition, which has basically become a national holiday at this point: "Here we go, the BIG day. It always feels like Christmas morning to me. I’m going to soak up every second of it with family, friends and food. Hope you get loads of joy out of #Eurovision if you’re watching later!"

There's even a Eurovision bingo game you can play, as if the competition wasn't fun enough.

Ana and Karis Ferguson run the 'Mission Eurovision' website, which has been dubbed the 'ultimate Eurovision party planner'.

With the sisters saying: "The website has grown every year, and now over 60,000 people view our Eurovision bingo each year."

With the sisters adding that they're particularly hopeful about the UK's entry: "For the first time in a while, we are really enjoying the positivity around our entry – so we are proud to show our support"

Graham Norton will, of course, return as the UK's commentator, you can watch the final at 8pm on the BBC tonight, 14 May.

A full list of the acts competing and their songs are:

  1. Czech Republic: We Are Domi – Lights Off
  2. Romania: WRS – Llámame
  3. Portugal: MARO – Saudade, Saudade
  4. Finland: The Rasmus – Jezebel
  5. Switzerland: Marius Bear – Boys Do Cry
  6. France: Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn
  7. Norway: Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana
  8. Armenia: Rosa Linn – Snap
  9. Italy: Mahmood & Blanco – Brividi
  10. Spain: Chanel – SloMo
  11. Netherlands: S10 – De Diepte
  12. Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra – Stefania
  13. Germany: Malik Harris – Rockstars
  14. Lithuania: Monika Liu – Sentimentai
  15. Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli – Fade To Black
  16. Belgium: Jérémie Makiese – Miss You
  17. Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – Die Together
  18. Iceland: Systur – Með Hækkandi Sól
  19. Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers – Trenulețul
  20. Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer
  21. Australia: Sheldon Riley – Not The Same
  22. United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – SPACE MAN
  23. Poland: Ochman – River
  24. Serbia: Konstrakta – In Corpore Sano
  25. Estonia: Stefan – Hope

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy