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Doja Cat leaves people terrified after dropping promotional picture for her new song

Doja Cat leaves people terrified after dropping promotional picture for her new song

Oh good, my sleep paralysis demon has apparently come to life.

Doja Cat is on the cusp of dropping some new, sick beats and fans are excited.

Well, they were until she dropped a sneak peak at the music video, which boasts some rather creepy imagery.

The song, from her highly-anticipated fourth studio album will be called 'Attention'.

Let's just say the American rapper, real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, ramped things up from creepy to utterly bone-chilling.

While the image posted to Instagram doesn't seem that bad at the first look, some people have turned up the brightness and it shows the singer with a mouth full of blood.

Once that altered image went viral on Twitter, people were well and truly horrified.

One person wrote: "I wanted to sleep but now I can't anymore."

Another added: "My sleep paralysis demon watching me in the corner of my room at 3am."

It's a big 'no thanks' from us as the Grammy Award winner actually looks like one of this writer's sleep paralysis demons come to life.

Seriously, I moved out of a flat once because I thought I was being haunted.

Apparently it was an episode of REM-related parasomnia, in which the body is awake while the mind is asleep.

It's either that, or I was haunted by Doja Cat herself.

Doja also shared a 12-second preview of the music video to social media and it seems many were not ready for the spooky vibes.

Fans on social media expressed their shock at the creepy clip, in which Doja Cat can be seen roaming through a city full of faceless people.

One Twitter user compared the blank faces to scenes from the hit Netflix horror The Haunting of Bly Manor.

One person said: "Not the Bly Manor faces."

Another added: "We don’t want it."

Others were champing at the bit for new music.

"Prime example of perfecting your craft," one Twitter user stated.

Another person struggled to contain their glee, piping up with: "OK, wait. I’m excited."

Anyway, the 27-year-old star seems to be dropping this little earworm real soon.

And, as an added bonus, she's going to haunt our nightmares (both awake and asleep) from now on.

Yay. Thrilled about that one.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Doja Cat

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