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Avril Lavigne tells topless woman who storms stage 'f*** off, b*tch'

Avril Lavigne tells topless woman who storms stage 'f*** off, b*tch'

The woman was swiftly removed from the stage

Avril Lavigne was rudely interrupted when a topless woman stormed the stage during an awards ceremony this week.

The popstar was at the 52nd annual Juno Awards in Alberta, Canada, last night (13 March), when someone jumped up beside her. Have a look for yourself:

After clambering up into the podium, the blonde haired woman, who was wearing pink trousers and had silver patches over her nipples, begins strutting around with her arms in the air.

The protester also had the words 'Save the Greenbelt’ and 'Land Back' written across her arms.

At first, Lavigne tries to carry on as normal, before a member of security gets onto the stage to deal with the situation.

Then, clearly annoyed, the singer turns to the protester and tells her to 'f**k off'.

In footage from the incident, the 38-year-old can be heard laughing, as she tells the campaigner: "Get the f**k off, bitch!"

The woman is then escorted off the platform by security.

The topless woman stormed the stage during the Juno Awards.

The stunt appears to be a reference to government plans to remove over 7,000 acres of protected Greenbelt land so that it can be used for housing.

When the move was announced back in November last year, the government said that around 50,000 homes would be built as a result of the land being used.

However, it was reported in January that the policy was being investigated.

The Ontario New Democratic Party submitted 'additional evidence' to the Integrity Commissioner, which it argued proved the government had tipped off developers before the announcement.

The party's submission read: "It is evident that King Township did know about the removal of this land from the Greenbelt and did discuss this information with representatives of the Rice Group prior to the November 4 announcement, and it is our opinion that this suggests that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing lacked a factual basis for his answer to MPP Jeff Burch during Question Period on November 30, 2022."

Avril Lavigne told the woman to 'f**k off'.

Following the stunt, people have come out in support of the protester.

However, not everyone felt that she went about sharing her message in particularly the right, or most effective, way.

Taking to Twitter, one user said: "So for those that don’t live in Canada or Ontario, Doug Ford the premier wants to sell hectares of green belt (nature) land to developers - this woman was protesting against that.

"A great message - but she should have picked a different way and location to do it, maybe one where people would remember her message more than the medium."

Replying to the comment, another added: "Agreed. Definitely on board with protest against the selling off of the Greenbelt, but without an article to explain I had no idea what her purpose was from just the actual stunt.

"I’m not sure Avril even realised what the protester was protesting."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Moyceover

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