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Woman who only ate fries for 26 years has meltdown over eating a carrot

Woman who only ate fries for 26 years has meltdown over eating a carrot

That's one extreme eating habit.

We've all got our personal food preferences - but some people border on the extreme when it comes to what they will and won't eat.

A perfect example is 29-year-old Amber, who had only eaten fries for the past 26 years. Seriously. Only fries.

So when she tried to expand her horizons and try a carrot, she had a bit of a meltdown:

Amber, from Ohio, appeared on TLC's Freaky Eaters in the hopes of kicking her pick eating habit after it started to ruin her life.

Before the age of three, Amber says she didn't have any unusual eating habits, but from her toddler years onwards, she refused to eat anything except fries.

Her mother tried to replace the junk food with all sorts of things and to cut her off from fries entirely, but the youngster would refuse to eat if she couldn't have them.

When she was taken for a check-up, doctors could find nothing wrong with Amber except for a case of picky eating.

From then on, her French fries diet was a-go.

Of course, the main issue with this is that there's no way Amber was getting her required nutrients.

But on top of that, Amber was worried about her daughter McCartney, who was starting to follow in her footsteps.

That was when psychotherapist Mike Dow and nutritionist JJ Virgin stepped in.

They started by trying to tackle Amber's aversion to colourful foods by dyeing fries different colours and having her eat them.

This tactic did get a few tears out of Amber, but she managed to get through it like a champ.

Amber struggles with eating anything that's not a French fry.

Then they got down to the brass tacks - the vegetables.

JJ and Mike have her try fried potato, asparagus, mushrooms, and carrots.

That's when it all gets a little bit too much for her.

The coughs, gags, and shaking are a lot, and Amber does spit out the carrot seconds after it lands in her mouth - but the Freaky Eaters team are proud of her for trying. Baby steps.

Eventually, Amber reaches her limit when the team try to mix ingredients.

She makes herself a taco, but unfortunately, she can't bring herself to eat it.

Things finally start to turn around for Amber when the experts take her and her daughter to a farm to pick some vegetables and get them to try cucumbers and - result! - they actually like them!

When the episode concluded, Amber and McCartney admitted they do still enjoy a french fry - who doesn't? - but they can eat other foods now too.

Featured Image Credit: TLC UK / YouTube