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Will Ferrell shut down heckler during Octavia Spencer's Walk of Fame
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Will Ferrell shut down heckler during Octavia Spencer's Walk of Fame

At Octavia Spencer's Walk of Fame, Will Ferrell shut down a heckler who was trying to claim the limelight

Actor Octavia Spencer was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of fame on Thursday with a special ceremony held on Hollywood Boulevard, though one heckler tried to spoil her moment.

Spencer admitted she was speechless when she found out the news she would be inducted, telling Variety: "How do you respond to that? To know that you will forever be a part of the mythology of this town."

On the big day, she was joined by her friend and Spirited co-star Will Ferrell, who actually shut down a heckler at the ceremony.

Ferrell began speaking about Spencer's new star in front of Hollywood Ballet and compared it to his own star's location, explaining that his star was 'all the way down in East Los Angeles' to people in attendance.

Octavia Spencer was emotional at the ceremony.
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But next, a man who was on the street starting shouting at the event declaring that the ceremony was 'celebrating rich people'.

In true Ferrell fashion, he stopped his friend's special moment being ruined and answered back to the heckler.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, he said: "Not on Octavia’s day! Keep it moving. Keep it moving. The wax museum’s down there. That thing is wide open."

But the angry man was not giving up, but neither was the Elf actor, as in true Ferrell style he made a joke out of it - leaving the audience in hysterics.

He said: "He’s got powerful lungs. He’s using his diaphragm.

"Louder, please. They can’t hear you in Alhambra."

And as Ferrell was about to step down, he praised Spencer by saying that no one was more deserving of the Hollywood star.

He also jokingly added: "Is that guy up next? Is he supposed to speak? Sweatpants weirdo, is he up here?

"Should I just go tackle him?"

Will Ferrell shut down a heckler at Octavia Spencer's Walk of Fame.
UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

Just a day after that incident, Spencer has been talking about her friendship with Ferrell on the People Every Day podcast.

In a conversation with host Janine Rubenstein, Spencer joked that 'Will is definitely not an adult elf' - referring to his role as Buddy the elf in the 2003 Christmas classic Elf.

She also added that despite his goofy behaviour in his films and real life, Ferrell is actually 'one of the smartest people I've ever worked with'.

Spencer and Ferrell co-starred together alongside Ryan Reynolds in the Apple TV+ film Spirited - a comedy re-telling of A Christmas Carol.

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