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Ryan Reynolds says he's 'idolised' Will Ferrell his entire working life

Ryan Reynolds says he's 'idolised' Will Ferrell his entire working life

It's not hard to understand why Ryan Reynolds 'idolised' Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds has been singing the praises of his Spirited co-star Will Ferrell, saying he's 'idolised' the actor and comedian ever since he got into showbusiness.

It's really not hard to see why someone would like Will Ferrell considering the list of his great comedy roles is as long as your arm, but Ryan Reynolds wants everyone to know what a big fan of Ferrell he is.

The pair are starring together in Spirited, a new musical take on the classic Christmas Carol formula with Reynolds as the Scrooge-like Clint Briggs, who gets picked out by the Ghost of Christmas Present (Ferrell) to change his ways.

In the film, Reynolds' character manages to turn the tables on Ferrell's ghost and get him to re-examine his own life. Plus, since it's a musical, they get to sing about what's going on plenty of times.

It's Will Ferrell's first Christmas movie since Elf, a film that pretty much immediately catapulted itself into Christmas classic status and became a staple of many families' festive viewing.

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell star together in Spirited.
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Speaking to Big Issue, Reynolds admitted that the main attraction when it came to signing on to the lead role in Spirited was getting to work alongside Ferrell.

He said: "Will Ferrell is somebody that has contributed more to the comedic lexicon of society than almost any other comedic performer. He’s somebody I’ve quite literally idolised for my entire working life.

"I love his vulnerability in his work, that’s what makes him so funny and accessible. So it was about working with Will and getting to be around him."

"It was only afterwards when I realised it was a musical that I knew that I was in deep, deep trouble."

Ryan Reynolds admitted he 'idolised' Ferrell and getting to work alongside him was a major bonus.
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Last year the pair delighted and surprised fans by swapping places on high-profile talk shows and covering for each other.

Reynolds was supposed to be chatting to Jimmy Kimmel but Ferrell walked out in his place and joked that 'Ryan couldn't make it'.

That's because he was over on The Tonight Show talking to Jimmy Fallon after agreeing to cover for Ferrell, with the pair of actors talking about each other's movies and having plenty of fun while doing it.

Meanwhile, in other Ryan Reynolds related news, the popular actor has joined Tumblr as part of the mass celebrity exodus from Twitter following Elon Musk's takeover of the platform.

Tumblr users welcomed him to the site and warned the actor he was 'in for a wild ride'.

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