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Will Ferrell kept the prosthetic testicles from Step Brothers
Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures/Alamy

Will Ferrell kept the prosthetic testicles from Step Brothers

His 'top two' most treasured keepsakes

While it's pretty standard practice for actors to keep set pieces from their favourite films as mementoes, Will Ferrell might be the only star who took home a pair of prosthetic balls.

The 55-year-old is known for his comedic skills, having starred in a variety of hit comedies such as Anchorman, Elf and, of course, Step Brothers.

So when he took to the infamous YouTube series Hot Ones, you can bet that he brought in the laughs - especially when it came to the spicier end of the chicken wings.

As the episode went on, host Sean Evans turned the conversation to the iconic scene from Step Brothers in which Ferrell's character Brennan rubs his balls all over Dale's (John C Reilly) drum kit.

As realistic as they look, the balls were, in fact, fake ones - and you can bet Ferrell stashed them as a keepsake after the cameras stopped rolling.

In the clip, Evans says: "As an icon with decades in the comedy game, it's only right with you here that we verify some of the folklore surrounding Will Ferrell.

"Is it true that the prosthetic testicles that you got from the set of Step Brothers, your most-treasured keepsake..."

At which point, the actor interjects, "Definitely... definitely my top one," before quipping, "Top two."

He continues: "I keep them in a little like trophy case, like a proper, you know, like you'd see in a sports memorabilia... like [where] you'd put a baseball, like a signed baseball."

Step Brothers is a comedy classic.
Sony Pictures

Evans jumps in: "Put it up on a pedestal where it belongs. "Exactly," adds Ferrell.

It's nice to hear they're getting the respect that they deserve.

While we're on the topic of Step Brothers, last year it was voted Ferrell's best movie of all time.

It was a tough decision because, well, all of his movies are pretty stellar. But ultimately, the 2008 hit came out on top, receiving nearly half of the votes out of ten films.

Ferrell teamed up with Adam McKay and John C. Reilly to create this comedy genius based on two middle-aged men who still live with their parents.

In second place was, of course, Anchorman.

Anchorman came in second place.
DreamWorks Pictures

The long list of comedic MVPs in the film helped to achieve its hilarious status, with The Office‘s Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate and David Koechner all among the cast.

One Ferrell fan branded his performance in Anchorman as ‘top notch’, going on to say he played the character of Ron Burgundy ‘to a tee’, while someone else’s reasoning for it being their favourite movie was ‘because I love lamp.’ Classic.

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