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Vince Gilligan says there are no plans to expand the Breaking Bad universe with more shows

Vince Gilligan says there are no plans to expand the Breaking Bad universe with more shows

As Better Call Saul draws to a close, the Breaking Bad showrunner revealed what he's going to do next... and it's very different.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has revealed Better Call Saul will be the last television show set in the same universe as Walter White and his cronies.

Vince Gilligan explained at the Television Critics Association 2022 summer press tour that they have no plans to expand the Breaking Bad universe any further.

"Vegas metaphors are probably a mistake, but you just can’t keep putting all your money on red 21 over and over again," Gilligan said, as per Deadline.

"We probably pushed it [by] doing a spinoff of Breaking Bad. I could not be more happy with the results, and then I did El Camino [a Breaking Bad sequel film], and I’m very proud of that, but… you better know when to leave the party.”

"So I don’t have any plans right now to do anything more in this universe," Gilligan added.

"I know I was asked at the end of Breaking Bad and I gave the same answer. I gotta prove to myself that I’m not a one-trick pony."

Despite wanting to work on something different, Gilligan added that he wants to continue working with the team that brought us Breaking Bad.

"I love working with these people - I want to keep the band together no matter what, but with a different universe," he said, as per Variety.

Gilligan's comments come as Better Call Saul prepares to air its final episode on August 15.

Better Call Saul will come to an end after six seasons and 63 episodes, on top of 62 episodes of Breaking Bad and its spin-off movie El Camino.

So what's next for Gilligan? Well, the television genius has a new idea for a drama and he's already working on it.

According to Deadline, it is understood to be pitched to streaming platforms and networks in the coming weeks.

Deadline co-Editor In Chief Nellie Andreeva revealed that the 'word is that the new show harkens back to Gilligan’s tenure on The X-Files'.

"But don’t expect a sci-fi drama - when he was a writer-producer on The X-Files, Gilligan was known for focusing more on the human condition in his episodes, which is something he is said to also be doing in his new series, exploring similar themes of bending reality while holding a mirror to humanity," she said, as per Deadline.

So can Gilligan pull another rabbit out of his hat and recreate the same television magic of Breaking Bad?

Only time will tell. But we sure as hell hope so.

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