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Toy Story 3 scene divides viewers who think they hear two different things

Toy Story 3 scene divides viewers who think they hear two different things

A scene from Toy Story 3 with Barbie and Ken has gone viral after people realised they can hear two different things

A scene from Toy Story 3 has been baffling the internet after people realised they could hear two different phrases – yep, it’s just like the black and blue (or gold and white, depending on your stance) dress all over again...

The scene in question shows Ken tied up by Barbie, who is ripping his favourite clothes to try and coax information out of him. See what you think he says (WARNING: CONTAINS POTENTIALLY EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU CAN HEAR):

It seems that, as Barbie tears Ken’s 'Hawaiian surf trunks' into two pieces, some people him him cry: "Oh, Barbie! Those are vintage!"

However, others hear a slightly ruder version, convinced he actually says: "Oh, f**k! Those are vintage!"

The scene was posted on TikTok by user @kittyfeeley, who asked: "Do you hear 'Oh Barbie' or 'Oh f***'?"

She added in the caption: "I literally hear both."

It's 'Yanny and Laurel' all over again.

When I first watched the clip, I clearly heard the explicit version before it switched to ‘Oh, Barbie!’... But then it returned to ‘Oh, f**k!’, so now I just feel like I don't know what anything means anymore.

And it seems others are equally confused, with TikTokers labelling the bizarre audio illusion the ‘new Laurel or Yanny’ (remember that?!)

Many people were absolutely sure that Ken said the F-word as he cried to Barbie, with one commenting on TikTok: "There’s no way he says 'oh Barbie'."

Someone else said: "I never once heard 'oh Barbie'."

But others have been able to hear both.

"I HEARD OH BARBIE THE FIRST TIME AND NOW I CANT HEAR IT ANYMORE," one other wrote, with another adding: "'Barbie' first time and now I can only hear f no matter how hard I try to hear barbie??"

Walt Disney

A third agreed: "I always heard 'Oh Barbie' but as the video started I wasn't paying attention and I heard 'oh f-'. i look back, restart the video and I hear BOTH!!"

One other said: "HUH I HEAR BOTH SO CLEARLY?"

Needless to say, the whole thing has caused a lot of confusion online, with the video racking up a whopping three million likes after being posted just two days ago.

"I feel like I'm being gaslit..." one TikToker said.

"I have never been so confused in my life," someone else lamented.

UNILAD has reached out to Walt Disney for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney

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