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Man suing Netflix for $1 million after it used his photo in latest true crime documentary

Man suing Netflix for $1 million after it used his photo in latest true crime documentary

He claims the documentary has tarnished his reputation

A man is suing Netflix after his photo was used in true crime documentary The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker.

The one-off documentary centred on convicted killer Caleb McGillvary - who went by the name Kai - who had a brief but dizzying brush with viral fame before becoming a convicted killer within the space of a year. You can see a trailer for the documentary here:

Following the release of the documentary, 27-year-old Taylor Hazlewood is claiming the streaming giant depicted him in ‘sinister and defamatory light’ after using a photo of him, posing with a hatchet in the film.

His photo appears alongside several other men, while a narrator asks: “Is this a guardian angel or a stone-cold killer?”

Hazelwood stresses he is not connected to the murder in any way.

In the $1 million lawsuit, filed in Dallas County court on Monday, Hazlewood claims he received a flurry of messages from friends and family shortly after the documentary landed on the streaming platform.

According to the suit, one friend asked: “What is happening here?

“So something not so chill happens later in the documentary. Youre [sic] picture shows up again after hes [sic] charged with murder and its just bad vibes.” It’s claimed another friend asked: “Bro wtf, are you in that?”

Taylor Hazlewood's photo appeared in the documentary.

The lawsuit states: “Hazlewood is, of course, beyond angry that Netflix would implicate and connect him to such a salacious and infamous story and individual.”

It goes on: “Hazlewood’s reputation has clearly been tarnished. There are many acquaintances who will see Hazelwood’s photograph in the Film and will assume the worst without contacting Hazelwood to get the truth.

“The use causes Hazlewood a constant fear of losing future employment or relationships because of people believing he is dangerous or untrustworthy.”

UNILAD has reached out to Netflix for comment.

McGillvary shot to fame after he gave a bizarre TV interview in 2013, in which he reenacts the moment he saved a woman from being attacked by smashing a man over the head with a hatchet.

Kai is currently behind bars for the death of a lawyer.
Fox 26 News

In the memorable interview, McGillvary acts out the blows he rained down on the attacker, narrating: “Smash, smash, suuh-mash.”

After the interview aired, backpacker McGillvary went viral and even ended up making a brief appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! But just three-months later he was arrested and accused of killing New Jersey attorney Joseph Galfy.

McGillvary admitted killing Glafry but claimed he was acting in self-defence. However, he was found guilty following a trial in 2019 and was given a 57-year prison sentence.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thazyy12 / Netflix

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