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Succession star Brian Cox refuses to watch his death scene

Succession star Brian Cox refuses to watch his death scene

Legendary actor Brian Cox has 'no interest' in watching his Succession death scene as he feels his character was killed 'too early'

As a word of warning, if you're not up to date with the fourth and final season of Succession, first of all, what are you doing with your life? And second of all, this article will contain a lot of spoilers...

Okay, here we go. As Succession fans will be aware, it has been several weeks since we saw the ultimate demise of patriarch Logan Roy, as three of his four children still vie to be at the helm of the family business.

Brian Cox has not watched his Succession death.

And yet, as the show takes its final bow after being hailed by many as the best series of all time, star Brian Cox has revealed he still hasn't watched the scene in which his character Logan dies.

The Scottish-born actor says he has 'no interest' in watching Logan die, revealing he believes writer Jesse Armstrong killed off the media mogul 'too soon'.

Speaking to the BBC, Cox said: "He decided to make Logan die, I think ultimately too early. I mean, he'd made him die in the third episode.

"It was a great scene. That’s why I didn’t watch it, because I have no interest in watching. My own death will come soon enough.

"But I just thought ‘wow’, you know, he did it brilliantly. It was a brilliant scene, the whole act."

He feels his character was killed off too early.

When asked whether he'd confronted Armstrong over his belief Logan was being killed off too soon, Cox added: "No, I didn't. There's no point going down that road, especially with somebody like Jesse, because he's already made a plan."

The twist certainly was unexpected for fans, who were left baffled when the businessman died following a heart attack in a helicopter in the third episode.

Looking back, the 76-year-old mused: "It was an odd feeling. I looked on it, wrongly, as a form of rejection.

"I was fine with it ultimately, but I did feel a little bit rejected. I felt a little bit, 'oh, all the work I've done. And finally I'm going to end up as a New Yorker on a carpet of a plane'."

Regardless of whether Logan's death came at the right time or not, Succession has been a hit from start to finish with fans, who argue the dark comedy is the best thing on TV.

The final episode of Succession will air tonight (May 28) at 9pm EST.

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