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Stranger Things Director Wants Ryan Reynolds For Final Season

Stranger Things Director Wants Ryan Reynolds For Final Season

The Deadpool star could be reuniting with the director on the hit Netflix series

Ryan Reynolds could be set to make a surprise appearance in the next series of Stranger Things.

The latest season of the hit sci-fi thriller has blown fans away since it landed on Netflix last week. If you're not up to date, have a look at the trailer:

Well, the show's director, Shawn Levy, has revealed that he would love to add none other than Ryan Reynolds to his cast.

The pair have worked with each other a number of times, having teamed up for Free Guy and The Adam Project; they are also set to collaborate on the third instalment of the Deadpool series.

But speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Levy said he'd be keen to get the Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place actor involved with Stranger Things.

The director told the outlet: "I want to see a Ryan Reynolds cameo in anything. The truth is, my career over the past half-decade has been defined by Stranger Things and my collaborations with Ryan, so it would be deeply trippy but satisfying to see my two worlds collide.

"So, Ryan Reynolds, get ready for season five."

However, even without Reynolds onboard, Netflix revealed this week that the horror was absolutely smashing all records set before it.

When it was released back in March, the second season of Bridgerton reached 193 million viewing hours. But this has since been topped by Stranger Things - Volume 1, with 286.79 million hours.

On top of that, the new season is the first to ever reach number one in 83 countries. And in all 93 countries that Netflix tracks, the season has been included in the top 10 shows.

The fourth instalment has left fans on the edge of their seat, with many watching from behind a rather large cushion.

Writing on Twitter, one viewer said: "Stranger Things is actually so terrifying to watch alone. I need someone to hold me and watch it with me."

While another added: "Idc what anyone says, this new season of Stranger Things is f***ing terrifying."

Its success will no doubt be music to ears of Netflix bosses after the company suffered massive financial losses last month.

In just 24 hours, the streaming site lost $50 billion on its market value after reporting its first loss of subscribers in 10 years - with further losses predicted for the second quarter of the year.

Stranger Things 4 - Volume 1 is available to watch on Netflix now, however, you'll have to wait until 1 July for the second instalment.

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