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There's a real Catalina Wine Mixer which became a legit festival after Step Brothers
Featured Image Credit: Catalina Island Company / Columbia Pictures

There's a real Catalina Wine Mixer which became a legit festival after Step Brothers

It didn't exist before Step Brothers, but the Cataline Wine Mixer is now a real thing.

Remember the Catalina Wine Mixer from Step Brothers? Well somebody decided to go ahead and make that a real festival.

The Catalina Wine Mixer, or to give it it's official name: the f**king Catalina Wine Mixer, is actually a real thing you can go to.

While it first appeared as a fake gig in 2008 comedy Step Brothers starring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly, fans of the movie loved it so much they decided to turn the Catalina Wine Mixer into a real festival.

If you were interested in the biggest helicopter leasing event in the western hemisphere then you'll probably have to look somewhere else, but if you love Step Brothers it sounds like the thing for you.

There's wine tasting, music and parties with people who love the 2008 comedy so much they've made the f**king Catalina Wine Mixer a real thing that exists.

YouTuber Marc Freccero ended up taking a tour of all the delights on offer, and it turns out there's plenty of people dressed for the occasion with their very own Step Brothers merchandise.

If you want to get to the f**king Catalina Wine Mixer yourself one of these days then it's next being held between 2-3 June, 2023.

John C Reilly and Will Ferrell absolutely smashed it in Step Brothers.
AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

They're promising wine tasting, live concerts and a screening of Step Brothers you'll get to watch surrounded by fans of the movie so devoted that they're keeping the Catalina Wine Mixer going more than 14 years after the movie came out.

While they say you shouldn't be going there expecting to find great deals on leasing helicopters, they do promise that helicopters will show up.

Getting there might be tricky as it's on Catalina Island, California (hence the name) so you'll need to figure out the details of getting a boat or plane over there, or be really good at swimming and unconcerned about showing up at major events dripping with seawater.

While not the biggest helicopter leasing event in the western hemisphere, it is a big Step Brothers themed festival.
YouTube/Marc Freccero

As for Step Brothers, it keeps getting voted as Will Ferrell's best ever movie which is saying something for a man with Elf and Anchorman on his resumé.

While everyone involved is kind of busy these days the door hasn't been completely closed on a sequel to the iconic comedy film.

Ferrell has talked about the possibility of doing one at some point, but sadly right now it doesn't sound like anything concrete is in place.

The actor and comedian even took a little piece of the set home with him when production was wrapping up, and of course it was the pair of prosthetic testicles he rubbed all over a drum kit in the movie.

Maybe Nighthawk and Dragon will make it back to the Catalina Wine Mixer one day.

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