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One of the scariest movies in recent years Smile is getting a sequel

One of the scariest movies in recent years Smile is getting a sequel

The horror film is getting a follow up movie

One of the scariest horror movies in recent years is getting a sequel.

Smile terrified audiences when it hit cinema screens in September 2022, and a second entry is already in the making.

The first movie follows Dr Rose Connor (Sosie Bacon) as she tries to recover from the suicide of one of her patients, which leads her to go through strange and seemingly supernatural experiences.

Parker Finn, who directed the film, spoke of the its potential to be a franchise in 2022, saying : "I made Smile to, of course, be self-contained, tell its whole own story.

Smile was branded the scariest movie of the year upon release.

"I didn't think in a million years that there would be such a demand for a sequel. But having said that, I think there are definitely things inside of the film that remain purposefully unexplored that would be very exciting to dive into, and also things that I didn't get a chance to do on the first one for either budget constraints or if it didn't quite fit in the story that I think would really be exciting."

Although Finn has not been confirmed to be returning for the sequel, he has signed an extended deal to produce more films for Paramount.

Finn continued: "I still feel that I never want to overtly just repeat myself or do the same thing I just did, but I think that there could be a really exciting way for there to be more in the world of Smile, but something very unexpected and surprising for an audience with a lot of tricks up its sleeves."

It has been confirmed that Smile is getting a sequel.

The original film was widely deemed to be the scariest release of the year, with the trailer making people 'throw their phones' in fright.

The sight of people with exaggerated grins was enough to terrify cinema goers before they'd even sat down with their popcorn.

One person tweeted: "Nothing creepier than ppl smiling for no reason," while another said: "Ok ngl 99% of movies don’t leave me scared but this might take the cake sheesh dawg."

Originally intended to be on Paramount +, Smile was pushed for a theater release and did well at the box office - grossing over $200 million on a $17 million budget.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an impressive approval rating of 80 percent.

And it's good news for horror fans as Paramount confirmed yesterday (27 April) at their CinemaCon presentation that the flick would be given a follow-up, although no details about the plot, cast or crew were revealed.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount

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