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Seth Rogen calls for Fast and Furious style Donkey Kong spinoffs

Seth Rogen calls for Fast and Furious style Donkey Kong spinoffs

He reckons there's plenty of potential in the new film franchise

Seth Rogen has teased the idea of a Fast and Furious-style Donkey Kong spinoff ahead of the release of the new The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Rogen stars in the new video game flick as one of the franchise’s favourite characters, Donkey Kong, lending his voicing talents alongside those of Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black and Keegan-Michael Key.

A synopsis says: "Based on the world of Nintendo's Mario games, the film invites audiences into a vibrant, thrilling new universe unlike any created before in an action-packed, exuberant cinematic comedy event.

“While working underground to fix a water main, Brooklyn plumbers Mario (Chris Pratt) and brother Luigi (Charlie Day) are transported down a mysterious pipe and wander into a magical new world. But when the brothers are separated, Mario embarks on an epic quest to find Luigi.

“With the assistance of a Mushroom Kingdom resident Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) and some training from the strong-willed ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy), Mario taps into his own power."

Rogen voices Donkey Kong in the new movie.
Universal Pictures

Before the film’s even been released, Rogen backs the potential of the film franchise, having discussed what a movie focused on Donkey Kong might look like – and turning to a well-known action series for inspo.

He said the latter is all about ‘family’, something that he feels translates into the new film, too, not least because it features one other member of Donkey Kong’s clan with Fred Armisen’s Cranky Kong.

Speaking to Collider, he said: "There’s a lot of opportunity there. I think the family unit of the Kongs seems to be — and if the Fast and Furious movies have taught us anything [it’s] that it’s all about family.”

And there is, of course, scope for the future, with plenty of other Kongs from the games that could become characters in any new movies.

And given Donkey Kong's previous racing experience in all the Mario Kart games, it could certainly work, as Rogen says: "Exactly! They’ve got those go-karts. There’s a lot of crossover!"

Super Mario Bros is out next month.
Universal Pictures

When the film's casting choice was first announced, there was some pretty heavy backlash over Pratt and Day being cast as the plumber brothers, since neither one is Italian.

Hoping to put people's minds at ease, producer Chris Meledandri assured fans: "When people hear Chris Pratt’s performance, the criticism will evaporate. Maybe not entirely – people love to voice opinions, as they should."

He added: "I’m not sure this is the smartest defence, but as a person who has Italian-American heritage, I feel I can make that decision without worrying about offending Italians or Italian-Americans… I think we’re going to be just fine.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is due to hit cinemas on 5 April.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures/Collection Christophel/Alamy Stock Photo

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