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Selma Blair says she hasn't had a job offer since speaking about her MS diagnosis

Selma Blair says she hasn't had a job offer since speaking about her MS diagnosis

Actor Selma Blair has revealed she has not had an acting job offer since she spoke publicly about her MS diagnosis.

US actor Selma Blair has revealed how speaking publicly about her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis has led to her not having any job offers in Hollywood.

The actor best known for her roles in Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions, announced her MS diagnosis back in 2018.

Following that, Introducing, Selma Blaira, a 2021 documentary directed by Richard Fleit - it told Blair's story after she was diagnosed with MS and attempts to slow the progression of the disease.

Now, the star has been talking to the BBC about her diagnosis and how it has impacted her career chances.

Selma Blair was diagnosed with MS in 2018.
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She told BBC 100 Woman: "When I talked about it, there was so much support, but I never got a job again."

Blair has admitted that she has had years of problems with fatigue and speech disturbances since her youth.

But she said that doctors never really established the problem, which left her feeling low after years of unexplained health problems.

She said: "I was ashamed and concerned I wouldn't work again.

"They [doctors] would say, 'OK, what kind of trauma have you had?' 'We do think this is psychosomatic.' But without any real neurological tests."

After many years of not knowing what was wrong, Blair got that MS diagnosis four years ago - which she admits was a relief.

"It was a relief. There was a little bit of panic, like how will I have the energy to ever even deal with this?

"I had been down that road for so many years without a diagnosis that I did feel kind of hopeless still, but I was hoping that the diagnosis of MS would give me so many more options.

"It was an amazing, comforting feeling to know that there was a whole community of chronic illness or MS patients."

After years of unexplained health issues, Selma Blair admitted it was a relief to have the diagnosis.
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While there was relief at the diagnosis, Blair admitted she has not had a job since.

Despite her own lack of job offers, Blair has said that the representation of disabled people has improved in Hollywood - but there is so much more to do.

She said: "There is a bigger responsibility to create iconic images with people that have disabilities.

"I know that my own MS took my career down. I had to stop working for years, even before I had my son [in 2011], because I wasn't well.

"Disability was affecting me and taking me out of the workforce and it created huge changes in my physical appearance… things that couldn't be in a movie or a TV show."

Blair did add that she is not bitter despite the lack of acting opportunities coming her way since her MS diagnosis.

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